Me, online

I’d heard all those internet safety talks...but what do you do when your name and picture have been stolen, without you even putting them online in the first place? It was like the blog was reading my mind, and then somehow spilling it out onto the web for everyone to see. *Runner up in the Solitaire competition* Cover by Paper Mahogany Hearts


1. Why you are here

If you’re reading this, then it’s most likely for one of a number of reasons.


1.    You should probably be doing your homework or something else useful and productive, but boredom has taken over and now a series of unfortunate coincidences has led you here, or

2.    You have no life whatsoever and therefore spend the entirety of your days on the internet, or

3.    You’re stalking me.


Forgive me if I say that I sincerely hope it is number one or two.

If it is option one, then I will gently recommend that you finish your schoolwork so as to avoid after school detentions which, as you will find, are a lot more hassle than they seem.

If it is option two, then I pity you, and for your own peace of mind, you might want to stop reading here.

And if you do fit into option three, chances are you already know what I am about to write about. In which case you may as well turn your perverted eyes elsewhere, unless you want to answer some of the many questions contained herein. Because believe me, there are a lot.

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