& life goes on

" you know what! im done! " i yelled, staring at his oceanic blue eyes. I ran out the bedroom, with tears pouring out of my eyes " Chevie wait !" i heard footsteps behind me. I ignored him and kept running, untill i was out of the house. I hadnt notice i was in the middle of the road, untill i rubbed the tears out of my face & heard my name " CHEVIE ! " he yelled. I turned to my left, to see white lights coming closer... and closer. & then BLACKNESS....


falling in love,



its all apart of life, its your choice how to handle it...


2. The Note

                                            Chapter 1 : The Note

Chevie's P.O.V

I woked up to my alarm clock. With my face still stuffed into my pillow, i reached to hit my alarm clock. " where is it, ugghh " I kept trying to hit that button to turn it off. Annoyed i started waving my hand in different directions, unaware what i was hitting, Soon enough i gave up and just got up and pressed the button. i turned my head to check the time. 7:00am . I slowly, still sleepy walked towards my bathroom. I turned on the water. While i stripped down. I stepped into the shower, and let the warm water streamed down my body. I did what i do. Wash my body and hair.


When i was done taking a shower, i checked the time. 7:27am. Happy with the time, i walked around my room, with a towel wrapped around my body. As i looked threw my closet, i heard my phone beep. With my towel still wrapped around my body, i walked over to my phone.


From : Zayniee <3

goodmorning love, what time to you want me to pick you up ?


To: Zayniee <3

Hello my bestest friend in the whole wide world, umm how about 8:20ish ?


From: Zayniee <3

Ok, see you then. Ill get you some breakfast.


To: Zayniee <3

Thank you, your the best :)


From: Zayniee <3

i know that.


Zayn Malik, were bestfriends since grade school. His always been there for me. I put my phone back down, and look back into my closet. I see some skirts, but not gonna where them because my legs are the worst. I have scars from my dad who was abusive, but luckly was arrested. I live with my mom, and her boyfriend. My mom's name is Cindy White, but i have my dad's last name, Knight. His name is Marty Cody Knight. Like i said Jimmy lives with us. Although i dont like her. Tell me why he's 24 but my mom is 38. His name is Jimmy Evans . He's been dating my mom about 6 months now. He always gives me creepy stares. He just gives me the jitters.


I put on lightwashed hollister jeans and rolled it up at the bottom, then found white tank top flowly shirt, and put on a purple plaid shirt, just to cover it up. and i rolled that up. I put on my braclets covering my cutts, i dont cutt myself anymore, i havent in a long time. Although the scars are still there. I finished and moved onto my hair, it was long and dirty blonde, puffy, silky though. I combed threw it , blow dryed it, The straightened it a bit, then put it up into a high ponytail.i put on my makeup, trying to cover up my freckles, it didnt worked that much. I put on mascara, and babylips. Taking one good look in the mirror. I thought to myself not my best , but its what i got. I shrugged & slipped on my gray toms,grapped my bag and my phone, and shut my door.

Just as i walked out of my bedroom, i saw my moms new boyfriend coming out of the hallway bathroom. He smirked at me. I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs, finding my momtalking on the phone. I sat on the couch. I checked the time 8:17am. Scool starts at 8:35. I was impatient for Zayn to come. i quietly hoped my mom didnt start asking me those motherly questions. ugh. i hate it. Out of my luck, my mom came into the living room. " sweetie, how are you? " she asked staring at me. 'like you care, just leave me alone.' i thought. Just as i was about to answer i heard a honk i opened the curtain, to see Zayn outside on his corvette. I smiled. " bye gotta go." Before my mom could enough reply, i ran out of the door, and shut it.


" you saved me out of another awkward talk" as i hugged him. " well then your welcome'' he smiled as he opened the door for me." my majesty " " thank you peasant" i giggle. He looked at me shocked. " so im a peasant now" , " no, your my bestest friend." " better" i just laughed at him. He turned on the radio as the song Counting Stars blasted threw the car. I looked at him and laughed as he sang crazy. Although he does sing very good. I always told him to addition for x-factor. He always tells me that im crazy lol

" what ? " he looked at me. " nothing ". We pulled up to the school. " did i ever tell you i hate school." " only about 25 times." he laughed. I slowly got out of the car.Here goes nothing. As i waited for Zayn to get out and come to my side, i notice the cheerleaders staring. I nervously pulled my books up to my chest and my bag was hanging on my side. " Oh look, Chevie the dork is actually looking .... decent today" Tori said, the head cheerleader said, all her ' friends' snickered behind her. I pulled my books even more to my chest trying to hide my face. " come on Mary, dont listen to them , you look beautiful everyday. " Zayn said pulling me towards him. I smiled at him nervously. Zayn is the only person who calls me by my first name.You see my whole name is Mary Chevie Knight . Tori sended my a death glare, i rolled my eyes and ignored her.

I walked into my first period class, bio. It wasnt my favorite subject. I sat in an empty seat near a window. I looked outside the window waiting for class to start. It was a gloomy day, u could see the sun, but it wasnt like shinning, it was like hiding behind dark clouds. Although it wasnt cold. Zayn didnt have this class with me, which sucked. I heared the bell rang, i sighed in relieved and looked upfront. Ms.Reedway entered the class." okay okay class, hush down. " The whole class soon quiet down and paid attention. " so today class, we have a new student," the class oohed and awwed, as i just stared out the window again. " this class, in Niall Horan, he came from britain, although was born in Ireland" I turned around. Woaah, this Niall dude sure was cute. " hello everybody, im Niall ". He waved at us. His gaze came upon mine. He smiled at me, i nervously smiled back. " umm Niall you can sit... umm.. oh there, near umm Chevie, right next to her" i looked up shocked. I pointed at me " mee? Ms.Reedwa.." before i could even finish i was interrupted . " No further questions Chevie !" i slowly nodded. " But umm Ms. Reedway, shouldnt the new student sit more up here, so he can see better, i mean like somewhere near the board. like next to me. " Tori said. Smilling flirtatiously. " no no, its oky really i can see love." Niall smiled back. " see there you go, okay okay anyways back to our lesson,.. oh umm Niall since you arent familar with our routine, im sure ms.knight will be happy enough to help you." Ms.Reedway smiled at me. " Glady " noticing the sarcasimin my voice, Ms.Reedway stared at me. I just smiled.

Niall smiled at me while taking his seat next to me. " hi there love, so im guessing your name is Chevie ? right?" i simply nodded. " nice" i looked up at him. I stared at him, looking at his features. He had beach blonde hair, and nice red cheeks. I couldnt help but notice his his irish accent. " checking me out , huh " he smirk. I hadnt notice i was doing that. " what no" i felt my cheeks becoming red. " its alright i would be doing the same, i mean look at me " he gestured at himself. I scoffed. " so... i kinda dont know how stuff works around here mind showing me ?" he asked me. " im sure someone like Tori would " i pointed to her. " Her?" " yup " " well okay, i guess but i rather have you do it. " i looked up at him, noticing he was smiling. I rolled my eyes. " Although i do need you to show how this class works , love " he said. " stop calling me that " . " Calling you what" " lovee" emphazing the sarcasim in my voice. " what? you dont like it" he grined. " no i dont." "well fine ill stop but seriously i need your help" . " fine, umm come to my house and ill show you what you need to know " i said looking back up at him. " okay, ill meet you after school" " yea, whatever. " Finally the bell rang for second class.

 The res of the day was a bore. Except lunch with Zayn and 4th and 5th with him. He kept poking me and making me laugh. Luckly Tori and her gang didnt bother me for the rest of the day. Soon the bell rang , telling us school is over. I walked over to my locker, to see Zayn standing there. " Sup Malik " " Sup Knight" I giggled at him. I began opening my locker, as i opened it, a paper fell out. I looked at Zayn confused, just to find him with the same confused look on his face. He shrugged and said to open it. I did as he said.

Dear Ms.Knight

i have to say you are a very lovely girl and very pretty indeed. i like to know more about you. By now your probably wondering who wrote this. And trying to fin who did.But all i have to say is dont look to hard.                                      

                                                         - unknown ( for now )

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