& life goes on

" you know what! im done! " i yelled, staring at his oceanic blue eyes. I ran out the bedroom, with tears pouring out of my eyes " Chevie wait !" i heard footsteps behind me. I ignored him and kept running, untill i was out of the house. I hadnt notice i was in the middle of the road, untill i rubbed the tears out of my face & heard my name " CHEVIE ! " he yelled. I turned to my left, to see white lights coming closer... and closer. & then BLACKNESS....


falling in love,



its all apart of life, its your choice how to handle it...


1. Prolouge

' i hate my life, and i hate you Niall James Horan '

I looked at him, angry and pissed. " I dont care Chevie, just go and dont come back, your just a pain in the ass." he laughed at me with his friends. I choked on my tears, " fine, i will. Just know that you've lost me forever, and i dont care anymore what you do in your life, because i give up, and i give up .. on you " i stormed out of his bedroom. Running down the stairs with tears streaming down my face. I heared footsteps behind me. I didnt notice i missed a step, and triped on the last two steps on the stairs. I landed on the bottom of the stairs, pain shotting right up my back. " aww little chevie," he said coming closer to me and picking my chin up. To stare into his eyes, that use to be so kind and blue, but was replace with hungry and dark eyes " did you believe i , Niall , would actually love.. someone like you. Ha your pathetic.. look at you ! You cant even walked down a pile of stairs. " he looked at my, grinning. He pushed me down, whilst his friends laughed at me.


" Niall please, this isnt you, you use to be so nice .."

" get use to it darling, Im the new Niall "

" i liked the old one better" i hissed at him.

he looked hurt " well no one ask for your opion ! Why are you still here, go .. GO ! " he picked me up harshly and threw me out of his front door. The door shut closed, while I landed right out his front door mat. My bum in pain, but i didnt care though.


I slowly got up. I looked to my left and then right, confused on where i should go now. I decided to just go to the park. As i walked there, i started thinking about him and what he said. Did he really mean that ? I can't believe he said. What was i thinking ...

I saw a bench. I started walking towards it. No one was here it was quiet, probably because it was almost night. I felt my eyes drifting away sleepy, and tired, from all my crying. Soon enough i fell asleep.



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