& life goes on

" you know what! im done! " i yelled, staring at his oceanic blue eyes. I ran out the bedroom, with tears pouring out of my eyes " Chevie wait !" i heard footsteps behind me. I ignored him and kept running, untill i was out of the house. I hadnt notice i was in the middle of the road, untill i rubbed the tears out of my face & heard my name " CHEVIE ! " he yelled. I turned to my left, to see white lights coming closer... and closer. & then BLACKNESS.... mistakes, falling in love, heartbreak, depression its all apart of life, its your choice how to handle it...



                                                         PLEASE READ


Hello there beautiful readers.

So i've writing this story, for a while now... and i dont get comments or likes. Its really sad to know that 51 people read my story, but why no comments or likes. I dont mean to needa, but really.

Can you tell me if you guys like it or not ?

I mean is my story not interesting?

Is it not good?

Maybe i should just delete this story ?


Please give me your feedback, and opion below...

Thank you, very much <3


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