All Alone

[Beginning of Excerpt] I am sprinting through the woods in my favorite red cloak as fast as I can. It feels like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. Civilians in the village by the next town over are all chasing me. I am petrified. I take a risked glance behind me. I then run right into a branch and my cloak is ripped off. I change into my wolf form and run. When I pass some type of territory line I changed back into human form and stop. I put some clothes of mine on and notice blood leaking out of me. Unable to do anything, I just sit down and warmly embrace the darkness that's trying to swallow me whole. [End of Excerpt] Syrena Red Jackson and her grandmother were in a pack for as long as she could remember. Her grandmother always called her Red, so that's what she went by. Red went Rogue when her grandmother died on her 12th birthday. She built up walls away from everyone, so she can't get hurt. Her past haunts her, deeply.


1. Characters

     Syrena Red Roberts: She's average height. She has weird apple green eyes with specks of purple in them. (Which is TOTALLY off for a werewolf's eyes.) She has long scarlet red hair that reaches her rib cage. She goes by Rebel. She's always worn a red coat, to help her control her wild wolf inside. Rebel is an alpha. Her parents and grandmother are dead. When she first became a Rogue she was held captive by a group of vampires who were always terribly cruel to her. They're always after her and trying to find her. She is now 19 and has been a Rogue for 3 years. (Ever since her grandmother died.) She's also a Transfer. (She can heal people with her magnetic life source, that helps her easily heal others. Only, it takes energy from her and gives it to the person in pain.) She is a great fighter. (Being a Rogue helped her become a good fighter.) She is really pale and totally opposite from all of the other werewolves. She is shut down and cut off from everybody. Her past haunts her everyday. Rebel is out-going, rebellious, hostile, cold-hearted (at times), strong-willed, determined, selfish (at times), heavy-hearted, shut-down, trustworthy, loyal, sarcastic, and beautiful on the inside and out. She never smiles and is always staring into anybody's eyes when she talks to them. Her only fear is her past, trust, love, and pain. She's always brutally honest, no matter what the topic is. When she turns into a wolf her appearance is that she is a snow-white colored wolf. Mate- Tyler


     Tyler Coleman Scott: Tyler is very tall. He has lots of muscles. He has blue eyes (like every other werewolf except Rebel). His characteristics are: sensitive, loving, caring, sweet, always happy and smiling, alpha, blonde, cute/handsome, funny, nice, honest (most of the time), and he has dimples. His bangs hang lowly in the front of his eyes and he does that "swoosh" thing when he shakes his head into a specific direction, so the part is over on that side. His wolf form is a big black wolf. His parents died alongside each other in a battle. Mate- Rebel


     Jackson David Fish: Jackson is a Beta. He has a younger brother named Sam (he's the TIC [Third In Command]). Jackson is extremely tall and has lots of freckles. He loves food, plants, and Science. Jackson's mother is still alive, but she is extremely old and weak. He has brown hair. His wolf has dark brown hair color. Mate- Emmaline


     Emmaline Abigail Grace Baker: Emmaline (or Emmy) likes to snuggle by fires, read, eat, study, and learn. She is very studious and in her extra free time, you will find her nestled into a book in a small corner, or hanging out with Jackson. Emmy loves life and embraces it with wide and open arms. She grew up with 3 sisters and 5 brothers in her pack. When she and Jackson met, they were like magnets and instantly attracted each other. Emmy grew up playing rough-and-tumble all the time with her older brothers. Her sisters, however, were always fussing over clothes and other girly-girl things. When she met Jackson, she left her family and became and Omega. She is very kind, lovable, loving, caring, sweet, etc. Mate- Jackson


     Sam Fish- Sam always grew up, being compared to his older brother, Jackson. He never really liked it. He is selfish, mean, cruel, harsh, etc. He and his brother are twins, but his brother is older by 4 minutes. They both look almost exactly the same. The same brown hair, the same blue eyes. They just had different freckle placements. Besides, there personalities were TOTALLY different. Sam is the TIC. 


     Well, hey guys. If you don't know me, I'm Sunshine. I hope that you guys like the plot of the book and the characters! If you want to be a character, just comment below! We have 2 spots for a girl and 2 for a guy. First come, first serve! Thank you for reading this so much! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Forever Yours, 


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