Surprisingly,I've taken a slight liking to poetry,so here. My sucky beginner poems XP


8. The Gotham (K)night

Gotham (K)nights

On a particular Gotham night,

With vehicle sounds blaring and the city lights

Ever so beautiful, but ever so mean

Informing no one of this horrible scene

On that particular Gotham night

The child had just seen his parents die

All because of him, their eyesight so dim,

Their smiling faces very proud of him.

On another dreading Gotham night

There just so happened to be a little fight.

Pistols and rifles

They didn't need to be brought out over such petty trifles

All on this particular Gotham night.

But when he came

His face without shame

He saved the poor people

From suffering the blame

That he felt

Oh how many years ago on that one Gotham night.

He walked away,

Hearing the victims say,

"Hooray, hooray!"

"Hooray for our savior:

The Gotham Knight!!!"


It feels SO good to update :D

So, I hope you like this, because I'm making a bunch for my poetry recital ^_^

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