Surprisingly,I've taken a slight liking to poetry,so here. My sucky beginner poems XP


2. The First Robin

It all started with a stroke of fate

In which everything went wrong

The wire cut,

Your parents died,

And everything you loved was gone.

You were orphaned and alone

You needed a little love

You wanted someone to make you their own

And to be free from this prison,like a dove

Then that's when he found you,

Bruce Wayne

You thought it would all be gone:

The sadness,the suffering,and the pain,

And being treated like an evil spawn

But it wasn't,sadly

Because he was Batman

And the villains you fought were treating you badly

But that's what you wanted

You wanted to fight

Be it brightest day or blackest night

So whenever they hear the bad guys talkin'

They know just who to call:


Dick Grayson~! I love him so much :3 His story is so sad...I was crying when I was watching this comment doc. On him ;-; #graysonforever #firstrobin

.:Update 8/23/14:.

Okay,so I decided to update a few words..and this poem got lots of faces on DeviantArt! YAY! Also,I think this poem is one of my best -_•

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