Surprisingly,I've taken a slight liking to poetry,so here. My sucky beginner poems XP


6. I Love you as a Friend

I Love You as a Friend

When people say I like you as a friend

And they say they'll like you till the very end

They are wrong

There is something more strong

About friendship than that simple word

It fills the whole world.

It's called love

It's as free as a dove

It protects and shields

Even though it has nothing to wield

Love isn't just simple romance

It's when you give people more than a second chance

You keep them as much as you can

Even if they decide to slip off your hands

You catch them if they fall

You'd be caught running with them in the halls

And in times of trouble

You two would be a double

And work together as a team

Yeah,that's what friendship means

So instead,say "I love you as a friend"

Because just saying that once will TRULY matter till the very end

Okay,I had major friendship feels today,don't judge ;-;

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