Fault In Our Hearts

A 15 year old kid is suffering lung cancer and she carry around respirator and she goes to cancer settings. One day she goes to the meeting and a new kid is there and he suffered cancer for 5 years and she ends up becoming friends with him but she knew that she would be be dying soon so she did not want to take things even further but he really does not care


1. Introduction

    My name is april. I am 15 years old and I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I am single because I am to scared to love anyone because I know I am going to did but I do feel for lots and lots of people. Sometimes I wish that I was never diagnosed with cancer because I feel like I am trapped and I can not love. Well all I really do is wake up, school ,go to the doctor , and go to therapy and that is all I do. One day I hope that I can love someone and someone  can lung cancer 

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