Loved Unconditionally

Rydel Mary Lynch has grown up thinking that her name was Rydel Mary Hill. She thought that because she lived with her, so called, "mom", Mary Hill. But One Day, Rydel meets a cute boy named, Ross. They then started dating. Ross' family met Rydel's family. And Well.... Let's just say, things didn't go as expected for Rydel or Ross. Who knew your whole life could change in one night?


2. Love Of My Life

Rydels POV

I woke up and looked at the time.It was 1:00 in the afternoon.I usually woke up at this time on the weekend.My best friend Peyton wanted to hang out at the park so I got dressed and did my morning routine.I walked out my room and headed downstairs.I haven't had anything for breakfast So I grabbed a breakfast bar and headed out the door.I could see my mom on the couch watching tv.

"Bye Mom!"I said as I headed out the door.

"Bye Rydel!"

Oh Yeah I forgot to tell you who I am..

My name Is Rydel Mary Hill.I am 18 years old and I live with my Parents and my 2 little siblings Caleb and Stephanie.I have a best friend named Peyton List.We have been best friends ever since Pre-K.We are always hanging out with each other.She knows everything about me and I know everything about her .I am a 5"8 tall blonde.I have hazel eyes and I am sometimes a tomboy and sometimes a girly girl.Like a Gomboy.I am a A+ student and at my school I am not very popular.But that doesn't matter to me.

I headed over to the park and met up with Peyton.Peyton seemed like she was flirting with some red head guy.Peyton is very flirtatious but me on the other hand am not.I mean I have my moments but I am not as flirtatious as Peyton.

"Hey Peyton!"I greeted interrupting their conversation

"Later Calum!"Peyton Hugged him and he walked away.

"Hey Delly!"She said as she hugged me

"Someone's got a boyfriend!Someone's got a boyfriend"I teased as I poked her.

"Oh please If Joe ever found out I had a boyfriend he would kill me!"Peyton said as she chuckled.

Joe is Peyton's older brother.His real name is Joey.Joe for short.He is 19 years old and very protective over Peyton.

"Good thing I don't have a older brother!"

"Luckily you have younger siblings!"

"Really! Having younger siblings is like a pain.Mostly all they do is whine!"

Peyton giggled. "So about that project we have due next week.!"Peyton said changing the subject

"Why don't we make a volcano?"I asked

"Cliche but I like it!"

"Okay So Ill come over to you're house on Tuesday to get started on our sketch!"I insisted

"Defintely I'll text-"Peyton got cut off by my phone ringing

"Hold on I'll take this!"I said walking in the other direction

Not paying attention I felt myself bump into someone.I dropped my phone on the ground.I looked up to see who I bumped into.There I saw a tall blonde haired boy with hazel eyes and the cutest smile ever.

"S-Sorry"He stutterred as he picked up my phone and handed it to me. 

By this time my phone stopped ringing and I was face to face with the tall blonde haired boy.We looked in each others eyes.

His eyes are so beautiful!

"Nice to meet you I am Ross"He said still not taking his eyes off mine


We shook hands.

"Are you new around here?"I asked

"Actually no I have been living here ever since I was little!"He replied.

"So have I!"

"Small world!"We said in unison

"Maybe we can hang out some time!Lets exchange numbers."Ross insisted.

We exchanged numbers.He slowly walked away and so Did I.

I think I just met the Love of my life


Wow I cannot believe whats happening here. I love It!
I am going to write the next few chapters today so get ready my Rossome Readers and R5ers.

Stay Awesome! 💎🎀💎🎀💎🎀


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