Night of the Vershade

It was a simple babysitting job. The Doctor was helping Clara babysit Angie and Artie, but when one of the kids goes mysteriously missing, the Doctor is going to have to find her before their parents get back.


2. Where Did Angie Go?

"Angie?" Clara called through the door, knocking. "It's been 20 minutes, could you please come out? I know you want to go to the cinema, but your dad said no. Come on, open up." No response came from behind the white door, and Clara sighed in frustration. "Sulking won't get you to the movie theaters!" And with that, she stormed upstairs to find the Doctor. He sat awkwardly on Archie's bed while Archie stood glaring at him. When he caught sight of Clara, he immediately shot questions.

"Can we go to the cinema? Please?" he asked, and then noticed Angie's absence. "Where'd Angie go?" 

"Your sister won't come out of the bathroom, could you please go talk to her?" Clara sighed, dropping onto the bed. "Doctor go with him and make sure they don't run off to the cinema." The Doctor bounded eagerly to his feet and happily followed a disappointed Archie out the door. Clara flopped back on the bed, rubbing her forehead. Several bangs came from downstairs followed by Archie's voice.

"Open up, Angie, we aren't gonna get there this way!" Silence followed his calls, before several more bangs punctuated it. "Come on, Angie!" When the sound of a door opening didn't float up the stairs, Clara came back downstairs. Archie shrugged upon her reaching him, and headed back up the stairs.

"I tried," he said, running back up to his room with the Doctor trailing him like a lost puppy. Clara gave her infamous sigh, and sat down next to the bathroom door. 

"I'm waiting out here until you're readying to stop pouting," she called through the door, irritation flooding through her voice. Leaning her head against the wall, Clara gave a little growl of frustration. What is she going to do with her? 

Another 20 minutes later, the Doctor and Archie had joined Clara by the door.

"Are you even in there?" Clara called through the white wood. "Get out here!" When no response came, she rose to her feet and banged the door. "If you don't get out here, I will batter it open!" A small gasp of surprise escaped her mouth as the door squeaked open. And out bounded a cheerful Angie.

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