Night of the Vershade

It was a simple babysitting job. The Doctor was helping Clara babysit Angie and Artie, but when one of the kids goes mysteriously missing, the Doctor is going to have to find her before their parents get back.


1. I Said No!

"Angie! I said no!" came a yell from upstairs as a dark skinned young girl bounded down them, giggling. She only took a few steps toward before the skinny figure of a man stopped. He was a bit ridiculous looking, this man, with elbow patches on a tweed, a big red bow tie, and red suspenders. An woman raced down the stairs, brown hair flying behind her as she caught up to Angie. 

"Angie, you can't run off every time you want to go to the cinema," she scolded, dragging Angie back up the stairs. Angie did not come along happily, and dragged her feet, trying to slow the woman down.

"But it's just the cinema, Clara," Angie whined, her voice pitching higher. A younger boy appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Cinema?" he asked. "Are we going to the cinema?" Clara sighed, and grabbed the boy with her into their rooms.

"No, Archie, we're not going to the cinema, Angie's just being silly," Clara said. "Now, do want to play a game, or will you have to find something else to do?"

"I know!" Angie said. "Let's play Blind Man's Buff!" Clara nodded. 

"Alright," she said. "You can play it with the Doctor." Angie rolled her eyes.

"Why do we have to play it with your boyfriend?" Angie groaned. Clara huffed.

"He is not my boyfriend, how many times do I have to tell you?" Clara sighed. Angie huffed herself, and stormed around Clara to the bathroom. Clara caught her arm. "No, young lady, you can go to the bathroom in the downstairs one. With no windows." Angie gave a frustrated scream as Clara led her downstairs, calling for the Doctor to watch Archie. He immediately obliged, and stood rocking on his feet by Archie's door, a silly grin on his face. Archie tried to shut the door, just as Clara shouted up the stairs, "Don't let him close the door!" The Doctor quickly stuck his foot in, wincing when it slammed onto his shoe, and pulled the door open again awkwardly. 

"So, are we going to play Blind Man's Buff?" he asked, clapping his hands together and rubbing them. "Love that game. Can I be the blind man?"

"Do not play Blind Man's Buff with him!" Clara shouted up the stairs, sounding very exasperated.

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