Harry Potter: After the War.

I know it's been a few years since the Harry Potter series but Harry Potter had been apart of my life. I don't want it to end. So this is my ending to the saga that changed my life forever <3


8. Teddy.


"Harry." Ambadora answerd the door and hugged both Ginny and Harry. "It's so good to see you both." She said. "Come in in!" The led them into a living room and brought them some butter beer with her wand.

"How are you Mrs. Tonks?" Ginny asked.

"I'm getting by." Am adore answered with a half smile.

"How is he?" Harry asked looking at her.

"He's doing good. It's going to be hard for him. But he will know what his parents died for. He will love them."

"Can I see him?" Harry asked he needed to add him.

"Follow me." She smiled and led then down a hallway and into a little room with a crib and toys on the floor.

Harry made his way to the crip. And looked down and seen a little baby curled up in a ball asleep. Harry looked as if he was in a trance.

"Harry Remus and Nympadora told me that they placed you godfather." Harry looked up at her.

"I know... I will do everything I can but I can't raise him. You love him and it's your grandson. But I will ask you this, I want to be able to see him and I want to help with him in anyway I can." Harry said. Ambadora smiled at this.

"Of coarse Harry. I'll leave you three alone and fix some tea. Your more than welcome to hold him." She smiled and left the room.

Harry looked at Ginny who was looking at the baby.

"He's so small" Harry said.

The baby started to wake up.

"Shah it's okay." Harry said as he bent down and picked the baby up and rocked him.

The baby opened his eyes.

"Hiya Teddy." Harry whispered. "I'm your godfather Harry. And this is Ginny."

"Hi Teddy." Ginny whispered holding the baby's little hand.

"I promise you Teddy. I will always be here for you." Harry whispered, as he kissed the little baby on the head.

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