Magic the Gathering: Phyrexian Invasion - Book I: Ancient Barriers

A stem-off of the magic the gathering storyline in a way none have attempted to my knowledge. A conspiracy involving Nicol Bolas and Phyrexia is brewing as the multiverse slowly moves towards chaos after the Theros crysis. An unlikiely band of planeswalkers attempt to intervine, but soon realize that they were too late before they'd even began. (This book I s one of three and is not nearly as good or captivating as the other two which are nearly finished. I warn you the beginning is shotty and the book is hard to put up with until the last few chapters. Afterward the end, and the next book is much better so please bear through it.)


2. The vampire and the guildpact.

~~Sorin had spent months following lead, after false lead, after dead-end in search of Nicol Bolas and Tezzeret. He was becoming increasingly frustrated by his lack of progress. Pondering the situation further, he realized he was incapable of tracking Bolas alone. He knew that those who would care to help were either missing, or otherwise preoccupied. He is well informed of the situation unfolding on Theros, so Elspeth is out of the question. As was Ajani, not that he would ever attempt to reason an alliance with the over-sized cat. He is not aware of the current whereabouts of Gideon Jura, if he was even still alive. Chandra, Garruk, and Liliana could not be made to care about the schemes of an ancient dragon unless it directly involved them; not that Sorin could blame them. But Jace, Jace showed promise. Sorin doesn’t know Jace personally, or at all, but he knew him by his reputation as a gifted thinker and a loyal companion. Surely he’ll understand the gravity of the threat I face. Thought Sorin.
Jace’s last known whereabouts were on Ravnica during the guild maze.  He tracked his trail to Distract 10, where Jace’d had his duel with the gorgon Vraska. There, he was then cornered by Azorious law-mages who were expecting him. Sorin prepared for combat, but halted at the sight of the law-mages putting down their weapons and spells. They requested he follow them back to the Azorious senate building, to which he reluctantly agreed. Upon arriving, he was met with the last face he’d expected to see on this trip: Jace Beleran himself.
Jace had been expecting him. After his incursion with the consortium, Jace had further looked into his relation to the events of that night. The Azorious had been aiding in his investigation. Jace believed that he had something to do with their reckless excavation, and was surprised to hear the true reason he had been there that night. After searching Sorin’s mind to ensure that he was telling the truth, Jace agreed to help Sorin without hesitation or question. He’d already collected enough information on the magnitude of the situation from his venture into the vampire’s mind to know that there was no time to waste.
Presently, they are on Zendikar tracking Sarkhan Vol and his hired barbarians.
How can a shaman who lost his sense ages ago avoid a master-vampire and a mind-reader so effectively? We should have caught him by now. Thought Sorin. “Anything yet?” “No. Sarkhan may be mad, but he’s no fool. He’s done an impressive job of concealing his mind from me.” Replied Jace. They had made a small camp at the base of a mountain. No fire, no tents, just the two of them resting and meditating. “His scent is well concealed too, but that’s no surprise. I just hope this isn’t another false trail for us to follow.” “Not this one. I may not be able to track Sarkhan at the present moment, but this lead came straight from the mind of one of Tezzeret’s personal agents. There’s no way Bolas could’ve tampered with this one.” Stated Jace. “Wait.” Jace closed his eyes, the concentration present on his face. “I’ve got him.” Exclaimed Jace. “Where?” “Eight miles south-west of our position. If we hurry, we can catch up to him and stalk him.” Sorin agreed and they set out after Sarkhan.
Sarkhan and his horde left quite a trail. They trampled foliage, burned forests, and slayed wildlife in no meager numbers. Once Sorin had caught up to them, he almost didn’t need Jace anymore. Almost... They followed them through the shifting Zendikar jungle for another two days before Sarkhan allowed his men to stop. “When will we arrive Vol?!” Exclaimed one of the barbarians. “Yeah! You’ve been marching us through this jungle for who-knows how long without stopping or breaking. When are we getting paid for this?!” Questioned another. “Paid? Why, right now…” Screamed Sarkhan. At that moment He spun around with a wild look in his eyes, raised his staff, and bathed his whole congregation in bloody flames.
Sorin looked over to see Jace in bitter shock and disgust. Sorin was not fazed by the turn of events in the slightest. He was actually surprised he hadn’t killed them sooner. Sarkhan proceeded for another mile on his own till he reached the base of volcano. Rather than just stopping though, he blasted a pathway into the landmark and continued down into its depths without pause. Down he and his secret pursuers descended into the molten core of their location. However, when they reached the center, they realized it wasn’t magma heating the volcano, but a ruby-like relic. Sarkon descended to collect the relic, and prepared to planeswalk away, as Jace simultaneously stole the location of his destination from him. He was none the wiser to this intrusion of his broken psyche. Sarkhan vanished into the blind eternities.
“Where is he going?” Sorin asked. “Here’s the weird part.” Sorin waited impatiently. “..New Pyrexia.” “And the fox hunt takes another turn.” “Indeed.” Replied Jace. They set out after Vol immediately.

Neither had been to New Phyrexia, so when they planeswalked, they knew it possible they could end up anywhere. Sorin fell from the sky over the sea of quicksilver, which quickly began to eat at his flesh. He made it to one of the small metal islands that dotted the liquid metal sea. Sorin had been separated from Jace. He forgot tell me ‘where’ Vol was going! Realized Sorin. When Jace had extracted Sarkhan’s destination, he’d failed to relay the exact coordinates to Sorin. This meant that Jace was currently tailing the mad dragon-worshipper, alone, while Sorin was lost in unfamiliar territory. When Sorin came to this conclusion, he realized his first priority needed to be finding Jace. He cast a combination of quick spells that gave him the temporary ability to fly from his acidic surroundings to solid ground.
Once on dry land, Sorin began to track Jace by scent. All the artificial life on the world made this much easier than usual, as there would normally be more organic life to have to pick the scent from. It took time but, he finally got the trail.
He traced Jace to a citadel like structure. It was massive, and well-guarded by Phyrexian forces. They were obviously amassing an army for something. There were technologically advanced armaments, artifacts, and weapons all around the citadel. There were strange constructs still under construction in the distance. Sorin saw a break in the sentinel patrols and went for it. He scaled the building and entered through what looked like a damaged portion of the building.
He traced Jace’s scent further into the building until he saw the mage crouched in the corner of a doorway by two dispatched sentinels. “You forgot to tell me where on New Phyrexia.” Sorin scolded. “Shh.” Replied Jace. “I’ve taped into one of the guards’ minds in the room.” “What room?” “The one you’re standing next to. Now please keep your voice down, he’s in there.” “Who? Sarkhan?” Questioned Sorin, quietly this time. “No… Bolas.” Said Jace with an eerie taint to his generally stable tone.

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