Magic the Gathering: Phyrexian Invasion - Book I: Ancient Barriers

A stem-off of the magic the gathering storyline in a way none have attempted to my knowledge. A conspiracy involving Nicol Bolas and Phyrexia is brewing as the multiverse slowly moves towards chaos after the Theros crysis. An unlikiely band of planeswalkers attempt to intervine, but soon realize that they were too late before they'd even began. (This book I s one of three and is not nearly as good or captivating as the other two which are nearly finished. I warn you the beginning is shotty and the book is hard to put up with until the last few chapters. Afterward the end, and the next book is much better so please bear through it.)


1. The Hunt begins.

~~“How does one find a single coin in a street of shifting feet? How does one find a single star in a midnight full of them? How does one discover one particular secret in a library filled with tomes? The answer: you must simply look hard and long enough to pick the fox out from among the sheep. How though, does one find that which refuses to be found? That which creates false trails, false faces, and ever pushes you through its unending maze. This is the unending riddle that has puzzled me since I began my own fox hunt. The difference, I will prevail. Beware Bolas, Sorin Markov is coming for you.”
Sorin is not usually one to concern himself with plots and plans of a large nature. He is often content to simply roam the multiverse, fulfilling whatever whims happen to take him that moment. However, recent events had forced this millennia-old principal he carried to be pushed aside. Sorin cares little for schemes and the like, but understands that there are certain multiversal checks and balances that must not be disturbed. This was the reason for most of his historic interaction over the years. If he was pursuing a goal of magnitude, then there was cataclysmic gravity behind the curtains of the situation. Nicol Bolas was the ringleader of such a situation at this very moment, and Sorin would restore order.
Sorin had caught wind of the planeswalker on a trip to Ravnica. Rumors of the dragon’s private consortium scouring the city-world for precious materials like artifacts and etherium recklessly made it to the sanguimancer’s ears. Normally he would not care for the dragon’s schemes, as they never truly affected him much. (Save Zendikar) The haste and recklessness of these activities gave him reason to be concerned, as this was not like the dragon tyrant.
His investigation began immediately. He waited weeks on Ravnica, hunting for any connections to the consortium that could be found. He chanced upon an excavation of an old artifact in the ghettos of lower Orzhova. He tried to collect more information by watching and following the group, but was ambushed by seeker spirits sent to handle the tailing vampire. Their sheer numbers overwhelmed him and he was forced to planeswalk blindly into the blind eternities. He found himself on a seemingly desolate plane far from any nearby friendly territory. The terrain was strange, and the lack of mana in the atmosphere disturbed Sorin. He left and went to some friendly territory, Innistrad.
Friendly was a bad way to describe Innistrad. Most of his own kind still counted him a traitor. He cared little though. He sought shelter as he pondered what he’d learned. Bolas’ brash activity through his cells concerned Sorin, as this was exceptionally out of character for the dragon. Pondering this, he began scouring the multiverse for rumors, clues, anything that would lead him to Bolas and his mysterious plotting.
Months went by with no leads whatsoever. Until, on a trip to Kamigawa to clear the vampire’s thoughts, he stumbled across a similar situation as the one he had uncovered on Ravnica. He would not make the same mistake twice. He dispatched two of his Innistrad followers immediately. This made tracking Bolas’ followers child’s play. When the consortium agents made it to the drop-off point, it was none other than Tezzeret who met them to retrieve their cargo. Sorin and his followers ambushed him before he could leave with the prize, the nature of which Sorin knew not. Tezzeret easily dispatched the younger two vampires, but Sorin proved to be more than the artificer could handle.
The battle concluded with Tezzeret under Sorin’s boot, with his blade hovering close at Tezzeret’s throat. Sorin was able to “convince” the artificer to divulge some small information about the nature of Bolas’ plans, but was not able to collect more before being blindsided by one of Tezzeret’s etherial-golems. Tezzeret took the “package” and planeswalked away.
From this endeavor he was able to collect that Nicol Bolas was after an ancient, mythical power, far greater than any the known multiverse could provide. He also learned that the artifacts, machines, and relics he was collecting, were so that he could access it. There were important components to his plan scattered on nearly every known plane of the multiverse. This was the sealing evidence he needed. Whatever Bolas’ plan, the fate of the multiverse hung in the balance. Therefore, Sorin would have no choice but to pursue the Dragon lord, and halt his plans. And so began the sanguimancer’s fox hunt.


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