I'm Not Matt Smith!

Rebecca is a hard core of the TV show Doctor Who. Ask her any question and she can answer it. So when she meets Matt Smith, its not surprising that she's overwhelmed with joy. But that joy flushes away, and she is thrown into a world of craziness when he says these 5 words...

"My name is not Matt Smith."


1. I'm Not Matt Smith

Chapter 1: I'm Not Matt Smith

Samantha was walking down a random street, in a random town. She pulled her leather jacket around her tighter, though it didn't do much. She had no idea where she was but she really didn't care. She had been really excited when she found that she was going to move here because this where her favorite show is shot. The streets of Cardiff were crowded and as she was admiring the city, she was her usual clumsy self and she tripped over a crack in the ground and flew into someone. His clothes seemed really familiar but she just ignored that, considering she could have killed him. The two of them dropped to the ground and she reached down to pick up the thing he had dropped. She frowned when she looked at the scarily realistic sonic screwdriver."

"Huh, I'll be having that." The man said in an eerily familiar voice. His hand flew in front of her face. She stood up, as did he, and handed it to him, looking at him. But she wished she hadn't because suddenly she was getting lightheaded and queasy. "Thank you." He said.

"Y-Y-Your w-welcome." She stuttered. He gave a weird look,.

"Are you okay?" She took a deep breath and regained her posture.

"Yeah, It's just... I'm a really big fan of your show." He squinted.

"Excuse me?" 

"Well, your Matt Smith. You play The Doctor in Doctor Who." She explained but he just kept squinting.

"I'm sorry. I'm afraid I don't understand. My name isn't Matt Smith. It is the Doctor." He said. Samantha frowned.

"Ummm, okay, this is some sort of really invested role play,... right?" She said but he just stared at her as if she was making no sense. She was starting to get freaked out. He really thought he was the Doctor, didn't he. She had to figure out if it was really him so she pulled the 'sonic' out of his hand ignoring his protests. She pointed it at her dead cell phone and pressed a button. It immediately turned on and she gasped. No human piece of technology could do that.

"What is it? What's wrong?" He said.

"Are you really the Doctor?" She asked cautiously and he nodded. "This is so weird. He's just a character in a TV show." She muttered to herself. The Doctor looked at her in surprise.

"Did you just say I'm character in a television show." He asked in confusion. Everything was just getting weird. She nodded.

"Yeah. There's this show called Doctor Who. It's basically everything that's happened to you since you left the Time War with your granddaughter, Susan. Of course I watched only the new episodes. Which is your ninth, tenth, and eleventh regenerations." Samantha said and his look got more and more serious as she spoke.

"Are you sure that it's about me. I mean maybe it's about another guy called the Doctor that looks exactly like me." He said hopefully, his voice going up as he spoke. She looked at him like that was a stupid question.

"No. I'm pretty sure your the same Doctor who fell in love with Rose Tyler, had Martha Jones fall in love with him, got smacked multiple times by Donna Noble, got kissed by Amelia Pond, met Rory the Roman, and has met Clara, the impossible girl." She said, in a matter-of-fact tone. She put her hands on her hips.

"Right, this is not good. This is very not good. I need to get to the TARDIS now." He said and he ran off into the crowd. She did not want to miss seeing the TARDIS so she followed him and when she came to a 1950's police box she smiled widely and walked into it. She spun looking around at all the small quirks of the beautiful ship.

"This. Is. So. Cool! I've had fantasies about this kind of thing but I never thought it would happen." She said and when she turned around she screamed in excitement. Clara was standing there with a look of confusion. "Oh my gosh! You're Clara Oswin Oswald. The Clara Oswin Oswald. The impossible girl. Who the Doctor's met three times and each time he lost you except now. This is so amazing." She said. Clara furrowed her eyebrows.

"Uh Doctor. Who is this person and why does she know about me?" Clara asked.

"She's- Actually I don't know. Never asked her name. What's your name?" He said and Samantha chuckled.

"My name's Samantha. Samantha Summers. You can call me Sam. And I know who you guys are." She said excitedly but then she saw the Doctor's face. It seemed as if he wasn't too happy. "What's wrong, Doctor?" She asked.

"What you said about me and the TV show about my history. No one should know all of that about me. Do you have a device in which I might be able to watch one of these episodes?" He asks.

"Do you have internet access... Of course you do. This is the TARDIS." She said and she pulled out her cell phone going to her Netflix app.

"Wait there's a TV show abut the Doctor's history! I want to watch. I can learn everything about the Doctor." Clara said and Sam chuckled. The Doctor sighed. He would have tried to stop her but he knew it was no use.

"We'll start from the first episode of your ninth regeneration." Sam said and they watched. Clara kept making small remarks here and there especially about his love life and about Rose. The Doctor just sat there. And as they went through all eight seasons the Doctor got more and more interested.

"This is impossible. This is every adventure I've gone on since then. Down to every word. This isn't possible. Something's terribly wrong. And that means that there's something big happening. This is more information then even I know. I mean the scenes with my companions when they're alone. And why didn't anyone tell me about all those stupid mistakes I've made. God I'm pretty sure the viewers figured out half this stuff before me." He said. then a though occurred to him. "I didn't destroy my planet." He muttered. They sat in silence before Sam broke the silence. 

"Well anyway are we gonna find out why you have a TV show?" She asked.

"You aren't but, Clara and I are. It's to dangerous for a kid." The Doctor said and she gaped.

"I am not a kid. I'll have you know that I'm a 15 year old. I'm a black belt in karate and Kung Fu. Not to mention, I've been trained in 14 different weapons. Plus I've been watching your show since I was 7. I picked up a few things listening to you talk. So you're going to bring me with you or we're gonna have a problem." Sam said, sass in her voice.

"Please let her come with us Doctor. I like her. She's my kind of girl. Plus she's right. It's as if she's been with you longer than I have and whatever is doing this whole TV show is probably powerful so we'll need more help than ever." Clara said.

"Oh fine. But I'm not responsible for anything that happens to you." The Doctor said. Sam squealed in happiness.

"But can I get some of my weapons. Just one or two. Not a gun and I'll only use them in emergencies Doctor. Don't worry." She asked, he consented and he materialized into her room. Luckily her mother went out to get some stuff for the new house. Clara looked at all the boxes. "Just moved in." Sam explained and she nodded in understanding. She went to the box that said weapons and pulled out a sheath of arrows. She slung it over her shoulder and pulled out her bow too. She took out two throwing knives and put one in each of her boots and took out two black gloves that can shoot poison from the wrists. "Okay, I'm ready." She said.

'Wow. You're like a trained assassin." Clara says and Sam chuckles. She looked at the Doctor an saw him staring at the posters on her wall. She had one with each doctor since nine with each companion since Rose. She blushed and called out to him. He looked at her and gaped.

"I'm a fan." She muttered, gesturing to the posters. He shook his head.

 "Do you really need all of that?" He asked stepping into the TARDIS, Clara and Sam following.

"It's self defense. Now lets get this show on the road." She said and they were off.

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