The new strange things

the doctor discovers a new species that he thought only existed in horror stories.
He has to fight with his worst and frightening enemy by his own as it's out in space.
Amy and Rory helps by fixing the Tardis again, although, they are curious in why it's called the Tardis.


1. the way it started

 Hello! I'm the doctor, doctor whom you may ask? Just call me doctor. Or doctor who, whatever floats your boat. This journal is specifically designed for me to keep record of all of the villains I encountered through the galaxy. So in any cases, if you found this journal anywhere or anytime, please return it to me, or the current owner of a blue police box- if I'm dead? Just keep it, or burn, or what you kids or adults wish to do with it. Anyway, let's cut to the chase shall we? Of course we can! Given back to September 21st 2014... my last meeting with a villain was with some one called 'the great intelligence' what do they do?The Great Intelligence is a deadly parasite – a malevolent force lacking corporeal form that uses human beings as its servants, sometimes willingly, but often against its victim’s wishes. 

Now I've gotten that down, I can carry on with the story of how I discovered a new species. 


It was a typical day in the tardis with my two companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, the newly engaged couple, I might add. Amy was by my side as I was by the control panel, I think she was fascinated by the buttons and flashing lights. Or perhaps it was gold. Any who, the tardis rumbled like a mini inside earthquake. The lights were struggling to stay on and some of my technology sparked up as if someone had been tampering with it. Rory, he came rushing towards me with a look plastered on his face clearly saying 'We've-got-another-problem'. 

    "What's wrong Rory?" Amy asked him curiously, she was frightened as the whole area was about to collapse any minute then, and she was looking up the room as if she discovered something new. Rory's face flared up as if he was mentally scarred. 

    "I have no idea. But we have a huge enormous problem outside!" Rory exclaimed, running towards the Tardis door which I chased after him with my finger up in the air in protest.

    "Not so fast!" I started, that was when they exchanged quick alarming and horrified glances at me. "You do know that we're still in travelling in the vortex in space, right?" I asked them in a matter-of-fact way. Rory nodded instantly. 

   "Yes! I do, but it's outside in space!" He screeched and stumbled slightly as the Tardis shook a little violently. Outside of space? What creature in any form of mind would do that? There's only one answer I knew to the question. 

But that was a myth my father told me decades ago. It's something that taunts a timelord's dreams and hopes. 

    "Doctor? Doctor what's wrong?" I realized Amy was shaking me when I dazed off, I managed to gain focus though. I clasped my hands together as if I had an idea, which I did. I always have ideas, why am I even bothering to write this down? 

    "I need to get my space uniform!" I clicked my fingers and ran towards a cabinet tucked away in a corner and pulled out a heavy large space helmet with a matching uniform. There wasn't any for Amy or Rory. 

    "Where's the spares?" They both asked sadly. 

I found myself sighing in guilt. "It's something I have to face on my own, Pond and Williams." 

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