My Online Diary

This is just my daily diary. WARNING: some pretty messed up stuff goes through my mind. Read at your own risk.


2. 27/03/15-14/04/15

Well, a whole lot of ape shit happened since I updated this. I'm not goin to tell you all of it, because it would take forever. I'm only gonna say what happened in the last few weeks or so. On the 27th of March, I made the mistake of wearing a super short skirt without leggings.I should of realized what this meant was gonna happen for the rest of the day. Warning: there are super pervy boys at my school. And I gues I'm like moderatlly cute. So, all the boys were looking under my skirt while i was facing the other way. Those were the ones that didn't want to get in trouble. The ones that didnt give two flying fucks about getting in tdouble were actually touching my butt. Just to remind you, noboy pays attention to me when im not wearing something outrageous. So I'm not gonna lie, I loved the attention. So I wore skirts and crop tops for the rest of the weeks. My guy friend, Sam, helped me out with my outfits. Lately, we've been all huggy huggy and inseparable. So everybody eventually thought we were dating. Sam is stupid when it comes to common sense. So he plays with lighters and stuff. So I made a deal that if he stops playing with fire, I'll sit on his lap on the bus. After this, people kept saying more and more that we were datint. Today, he wouldnt even talk to me. I asked him what his damage was, and he said that the people were getting too much for him. The last time I dated some one, he got bullied about me so bad, that he dumped me. This doesn't make sense. I'm the nicest girl in the grade. So why would everybody hate on him?! Sam apologized but I'm still not really talking to him. Yesterday, the only times I was talking shit, Sam was mad at me, so he told the person I was talking about the details of the entire convo. It was about this guy and his gf. The guy got mad at me. The guy's girlfriend is hella ghetto. Plus her friends don't like me. So if she found out, her friends and their little sisters would gang up on me. Thank god he didn't tell her. Well, that was my last few weeks in a nutshell. Give me advice on if I should forgive Sam or not. Also,  was I right for wearing crop tops and skirts?


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