My Online Diary

This is just my daily diary. WARNING: some pretty messed up stuff goes through my mind. Read at your own risk.


1. 19/8/14

So... today was my orientation. When I tell you what grade, you are going to say, "HOT DAMN SHE'S YOUNG!" Ok, it was my 6th grade orientation.  Ikr I faked my age so I can write on this website. I'm getting besides the point. I seen my crush today while we were taking a tour of my new school. We went to the same summer camp and he's my friend now. I made another friend at summer camp, too. We call my friend Galaxy. So, once I really got to know Galaxy, I felt that I can really trust him. Plus he's going to a different middle school then me, so he couldn't really inflict much damage on my personal life from a school that's 10 miles from where mine is. One day, we had conversation at lunch with a couple of my other friends. I don't know how, but we got on the topic of Galaxy getting in a fight with a fellow camper, and I made the mistake of saying that the other camper would win because Galaxy was too nice. He took it more personal than I thought. I know that because, that night, I was texting him on kik, when he asked who I liked. I told him, because he was like a big teady bear to me. He wouldn't hurt me by telling my crush. The day after I told him, he threatened to tell him multiple times. Lucky, I won all of the bets he placed, so he wouldn't tell him. Thank god. But after words, this is exacly what he said. "I'm still gonna tell him. I guess I'm not too nice now." He never did tell him though. I'm not even mad at Galaxy. But the moral of the story is, guy are confusing.

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