The secret

Zoe lives with her dad's Harry and Louis they throw a dinner party one night with all her dad's friends and goes into the attic for something but finds something interesting


8. the truth unravels

Justin's pov

I walked through the house and went up stairs to Zoe's room I saw her and her dad's asleep in her room and I decided to leave them alone. I go downstairs and here the door bell ring I open it up to see a news crew.

"Um hi." I said

"Hello I'm Ashly crews from E! News and I'm here to talk to Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson are they in?"

"Um no not at the moment. How did you find where they lived? what is this about?" I asked

"Well we have some inside information about how they have a daughter. And there daughter didn't know they were apart of a boy band?"

"Um I have no clue what you are talking about I think you need to go. Goodbye."

I closed the door before she had a chance to say anything else. I looked out the window and saw the news crew sitting out in there van.

"Shit!" I said aloud

I ran upstairs to wake Harry and Louis up.

"Psst mr. Harry!!!!" I said kinda whispering kinda yelling. "I need you guys to come downstairs don't wake Zoe up."


Harry's pov

Justin had woken me up and told me to come downstairs. Whatever he probably just wanted food but he wanted Louis down here too. Weird.

"What." I said as I got downstairs

Justin turned on the tv and I saw my family's face and justin being "interviewed"

"I didn't know what to say to the lady." Justin said frantically

"You made the right choice." Louis said with me agreeing

Zoe comes downstairs

"What's going on?"

"Zoe a news station found out where we lived and now we can't go out for a little while they also found out that you didn't know about one direction and the are all over it."

"Wait what!!??? Who told them?"

The thing was we didn't think about that till now

"I don't know." I said


Crap I'm sorry guys I didn't even mAke it long I'm sorry there is more to come I promise just stay with me please.

Now who do you think told? Give me your answers In the comments

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