The secret

Zoe lives with her dad's Harry and Louis they throw a dinner party one night with all her dad's friends and goes into the attic for something but finds something interesting


1. MY first date

Zoe's p.o.v.

"DADDY!!" I screamed

"What????" He called sounding pretty annoyed well I guess he should be considering I called him four times already.


"They are in your closet." He said as he walked in my room.

"No they are not I just loo-oh wait Nevermind I FOUND THEM." I yelled in a sarcastic way.

"I TOLD YOU!" He yelled back.

"When will dad be home?" I asked

"He said he would be back by the time your date got here." He cringed at the word date.

"Oh come on daddy it's just a date I don't even know if I actually want to be his girlfriend guess I'll find out tonight won't i?" I said

"Ugh." "You are a buttnugget."

"I know." I said as I skipped away happily down the hall.

My dad walked through the hallway.

"DAD!" I said as I ran into his arms.

See my dad had been gone for a while because he had to go do some things for his job with uncle zayn. Oh wait did i mention what my dad does? He is an accountant with uncle zayn and they fly across the country for different meetings and things my daddy stays at home with me. Harry is my daddy and Louis is my dad.

"HEY BABY GIRL!" My dad yelled in my ear

"Ow." I said

"Haha sorry girly." "I missed you so much." "I missed you too."

Harry's pov

I saw Zoë running down the hallway i hear her scream. I think Louis is home. I run out to the hallway and see them hugging I walk up to him.

"Hey baby." I kiss him on the cheek.

"Hey sweetie." He kissed me on the lips.

"STAAAHHHHHPPPPP!" Zoë yelled in her whitest white girl voice.

"Oh Louis kiss me baby." I dipped him and kissed him harder.

"Oh my god I hate both of you." Zoe said jokingly.

Zoe's pov


"AAAHHH HE IS HERE!!! What do i do!! Dad answer the door. no wait I'll do it! No wait you do it. No wa-

My daddy was already opening the door and I see Alex standing there.

"Hello I'm Alexander but you can call me Alex." Alex said In His deep voice.

"I think I'll call you Alexander." My daddy said.

"Oh yes sir." Alex said

"Oh my gosh he is so polite I thought to my self as I started walking towards him.

"Hi Alex." "Hi Zoe. You look beautiful." He said

I said "so do you. I-I mean you look handsome." "Haha thanks Zoe."

My dad busts in our conversation.

"Hello I'm Louis but you can call my mr. Tomlinson."

"Hello sir." He stuck his hand out and shook hands.

"Well why don't we sit down." My dad says.

"Dad we are going to be late for our reservations."

"This will just be a minute calm yo self."


"Oh Zoe we can spare a few minutes." Alex said

"Ok!" I said

Louis pov

" damn she listened to him just like that she must really like him." I think to myself

"Now I'm going plain and simple

Hurt her and I'll hurt you."

"Trust me he will." Harry says "and I will be his accomplice trust me."

"OK I THINK We have heard enough." Zoe says "bye daddy bye dad." She kisses both of us on the cheek. "Goodbye sirs." What's his name shakes hands with us again and they both walk outside. I see him open the door for her. They speed off to there date.

I turn to Harry "holy crap our daughter just left for her first date."

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