The secret

Zoe lives with her dad's Harry and Louis they throw a dinner party one night with all her dad's friends and goes into the attic for something but finds something interesting


2. My baby

Louis pov

She came into the house soaking wet from the rain outside

"THAT WAS THE WORST FUCKING DATE OF MY LIFE! IM GONNA KILL HIM. IM GONNA FIND WHERE HE LIVES TAKE MY RIFLE AND SHOOT HIM!!" she screamed through out the house Harry came running downstairs just in time to watch her fall to the floor.

"OH MY GOD ZO WHAT HAPPENED!" Harry yelled running down the stairs

I get down on the floor with her.

"Baby girl sit up what's wrong what happened why didn't you answer your phone?"

She climbed into my lap and got me wet and started cry for it looks like the second time.

"Dad it was awful."

I start to rock her back and fourth

"Baby girl tell me what happened."

"Ok, well we went to the restaurant and everything was going good until until..." Her voice trailed off

"Zo tell us what happened."Harry said almost in tears because Zoe was crying.

"We went back to his car and he was gonna take me home but we turned down the wrong street and I asked him where we were going and he said it's a surprise so I thought to my self this must be he's such a good guy. But then went up to that hill where people have sex in there car all the time and he parked it. He starts taking his clothes off I asked him what he was doing and he said he was getting ready for sex and he started to unzip my dress and I told him to stop and he did. Just just..... He took my phone and threw it down the hill and pushed me and I do mean push he pushed me out of his car and speed away."

Harry's pov

Zoe was crying even harder now and I could see Louis getting madder and madder

"Come on baby girl let's go get you cleaned up." Louis carries her into her bathroom and tells her to take a shower.

"Louis what are you doing?" He starts to get Zoe's gun out of her closet

"LOUIS YOU CANT GO AND KILL THE KID!" I yell trying to talk some sense into him

"Baby sit down." I force him into Zoe's bed

"Look you can't even go around just carrying a gun anyway."

"Ah but it seems you forgotten we live in America."


it." I say to my self

"This wouldn't be happening of we would've just told her." He said

"We can't tell her her life would be so different she would get fake friends and end up in the wrong place and all that stuff we decided we would tell her after college."

"I know I know." Louis said

Suddenly Zoe walks in

"Dad why do you have my gun. You weren't gonna go shoot him were you? Cause I want to." We all laughed and got out to let her change.

Louis and I went to our room and Zoe came in "can I sleep with you guys?" "Of course baby girl."Louis said

She climbed in the middle of us and fell asleep cuddling up against me.

"Aww" we both said quietly.

I snapped a picture of her sucking her thumb.

"You know she's gonna kill you of she finds that right." Louis said smiling

"Ya but I'll take my chance." I smiled

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