The secret

Zoe lives with her dad's Harry and Louis they throw a dinner party one night with all her dad's friends and goes into the attic for something but finds something interesting


5. late to the party

Zoe's pov

Justin spent the night last night because I was to upset from him showing up and I needed him there with me I've always like Justin and I mean in a crush sorta way he had always been there for me and he's been my best friend forever. I just could never tell him that because he doesn't like me back. Justin slept with me in my bed we've always done that when we have sleepovers it was no big deal.

Justine pov

I woke up next to her. God she's so pretty I really want to kiss her right now but up do what we always do and hit her over the head with a pillow.

"HEY WAKE UP!" I screamed then hit her.

She pushed me of the bed and I grabbed her hand saying

"Brother please." "Long live the king." She pushed me off the bed even more and I fell Down screaming.

Her dad walked in.

"Could you guys be anymore loud?" He asked in a sarcastic tone

"YES!" We both said in unison

"God zo you are just like me."

"I know."she said.

"alright you too I need your help downstairs. We are throwing a dinner party tonight and I need you guys to go out and get stuff for me." He said

"Ok. Who all is coming over?"

"Your uncle Niall and zayn and your uncle Liam and his new girlfriend I think her name is Meghan."

"Ok. Just let us get ready. Be down in a few." She said

He walks out of the room and I pull Zoe on top of me. She falls inches away from my face.

She starts getting up

"Let's go short stuff we got things to do." She says to me

(Keep in mind I'm 6'6)

We both got changed and headed downstairs.


oh my god I thought he was going to kiss me. I wish.

We got ready and headed down stairs

Daddy handed me a list of things to get and where to get then from.

"This is gonna take all daaaaayyyy." I whined.

"Oh good you can count get to it." My daddy said

"Ugh." I said in annoyance

"IM DRIVING!" Called Justin

"Ugh you always drive!" I said

"There's a reason for that and the reason being I don't want to die."

"I hate you." I told him

"Love you too shorty." He said to me

We got in the store and I had hopped in the shopping cart.

"Why do you always get to ride in it?" He whined

"There's a reason for that and that reason being you're six foot six and Weigh 220."

"Bro don't be putting my business out there." He said

"Bro don't be putting my business out there." I mocked him.

"Dude it's 4:30 we should probably get back."Justin said

"But I want Icecream." I said looking at him with puppy eyes


"PWWWWEEEEAAASSSEEE!" I whined some more now making a scene.

"Ugh fine you no I can't stand it when you make those faces."

"Haha I know." I said

Justin's pov

"Dude it's five you got your icecream can we go now?" I asked

"Hmmmmm yes. I will allow it" she said

We walked back to the car. Stuffing everything in the car and we finally made it back to her house.

Louis pov

"ZOE KATIE TOMLINSON-STYLES. You were supposed to be back by 4 it's 5:30. Everyone's already shown up. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"See Justin wanted Ice cream and I just can't say no to him."

Zoe said

"what!! No that is a lie and you know it." Justin said

"Ugh what ever." I said

I saw Zoe and Justin sit down next to zayn and Niall.

Zoe's pov

"So when are you guys starting the adoption process?" I asked zayn

"I'm not sure soon they'll aprove us I hope." Uncle z said looking worried.

"They will I promise." I said

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