Falling For You

2 best friends go to England because they have been accepted to go to UNI. They each got jobs there and bought a flat to share. One day they go to the mall and run into 5 boys with pull overs and sun glasses they looked familiar but they didn't say anything other than sorry and walked away. Little did they know those 5 boys were none other than One Direction!


5. Chapter 2

~~Victoria's POV
I stared at them all some more before they all stopped laughing and looked back at me with small smiles I stuck my tongue out at them and went back to the line to get more food .
While I was standing in line one of the boys that ruined my happiness that is food walked up to me and said "I believe you said we owe you food." I stared at him trying to hide my smile. "Yeah, you do that food was my happiness!"
He laughed and got me my food. When we were walking back to the table he said "You sure do love your food." I looked at him and nodded "Yeah." He smiled and we sat with his friends and Chelsea they looked at me with amused looks and I said "What haven't you seen a girl eat 30 or more meals in 5 minutes?"
They said "No, but we have seen this guy do it." they pointed to the blonde.
The blonde said "Hey!" He had an accent I think it was Irish but I wouldn't  know.
I finished eating after a lot of growling and slapping of hands.
We all started a conversation until we all had to go we said bye and sorry about bumping into each other and left.
--------A/N Skipping drive home--------
When we got home I said " They looked really familiar."
Chelsea agreed but we shook it off thinking we saw them in the street once.
We started conversation and she brought up the whole food court situation "SO what happened at the food court?"
I answered truthfully "You know I love my food."
She nodded and said "Oh I forgot to tell you that I managed to get tickets to that 5 SOS concert."
I nodded and said "I managed to get us meet and greet passes." she nodded with a huge smile.
Chelsea is in love with 5 SOS though she likes 1 Direction more.
I laughed and told her the concert was tomorrow.
She squealed and said " I don't have anything to wear!"
I laughed again and said "I bought an outfit for both of us yesterday"
She sighed and said "thank you."
I said "here these are the outfits."
I walked to my room to grab these outfits Chelsea, and Victoria.
Chelsea was overjoyed to see the outfits.
I laughed at her face and told her that we should go for a walk.
She agreed easily she's convinced that if she goes out the more chance she might run into One Direction.
I laughed again and we were off.
We found a park 2 blocks away from our flat.
We ran to the swings and started kicking.
We started talking about the concert tomorrow, then we started talking about going to UNI.
I was majoring in Music and History.
Chelsea was majoring in Music and English.
We plan on becoming teachers together.
We talked for hours. Before we knew it. It was dark.
We started walking back to the flat.
-------A/N Skipping Walk Back-------
When we got there we headed to our rooms and got ready for bed.
I got back into my pajamas (same as last time) and went to bed.
A/N  Thank you for reading I still need another author and a beta for this story. Posted on my quotev first so read there if you want faster updates
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