The Man with the Blue Box

This is my story for the Doctor Who competition. Hope you like it!!!!!!! It is based on Option #2. ~Sara :)


5. Chapter 3- Silence will fall

 The Timelord looked stunned and took a couple steps back.

"Doctor, what just happened?" the human man asked.

"Oh, Rory, shut up!" Amy Pond answered.

"Hold on," The Timelord told Amy Pond and the Rory-man. He turned towards me. "By the Shadow Proclamation, you cannot declare war under Article 57 the destruction of a level 5 planet, and I am the protector of the Earth, and you cannot destroy it."
"Article 57 is invalid for I do not want to destroy the planet, just you, Timelord." I raised my right hand and my defense mechanism that comes with being a Space Child kicked in. A beam of energy shot out of my hand and hit the Timelord. He flew back and hit the wall at the other end of the office. I stood my ground where I was, as Amy Pond, Rory, and Kate Stewart ran to the other hand to help the Timelord.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Amy Pond screamed at me as Kate Stewart and Rory helped the Timelord to sit up.

"Do not cross my path, Amy Pond. You do not know the things I have seen, the things I have had to do to stay alive."

"Trust me, living with a Timelord isn't easy at all," she started.

"HEY!" the Timelord called out in response, rubbing the back of his head."

"But, it is worth it when you realize that you are all they have."

"Dalek ass!" I screamed at the alien-thing, but Rory accidentally mistook it for an insult at Amy Pond.

"That, my little friend, is NOT nice!" Rory called out and I gave him a glare of pure hostility. I turned my attention back on Amy Pond.

"Still, NOT NICE!" She yelled back.

"Does she have to be?" Rory called to Amy Pond. "I mean, she has just declared war on the Doctor." I saw the Alien thing for a third time and decided that this was enough. I could never win against a Timelord. The stupid alien had made me do it. Wait, there was a time on Romern that these things had invaded and nobody knew because we all forgot. In the end they found nothing useful, so they left. But what were they called... Silurians? No, that doesn't seem quite right. Sontarans? I don't think so. Those Sontarans are always declaring war and look like POTATOS. The... um... THE SILENCE! That's what they are called.

"The Silence!" I said aloud. Everybody looked at me as I kept my eyes on the Silence. "Members of the Papal Mainframe, the Confessional Priests, were genetically engineered by the Church to allow people to confess their sins without remembering doing so, accomplished by fashioning the Priests so anyone looking at them would forget their encounter when they looked away." I said remembering a passage on the Silence from our textbook at the Academy. "The Silence is in the room, and they have caused me to do everything. For that I truly apologize. Although, not for the 'Dalek ass', because that was not intended for you, Amy Pond." I started walking towards the Silence, as the Doctor who was now back on his feet was running towards me, to follow my gaze at the Silence. "By the Shadow Proclamation, Article 38, you may not visit a level five planet if not invited by the person or people who guard it. And by my understanding, Doctor? You guard this planet, don't you?" I asked as I stopped three metres from the Silence.

"Didn't we already have this discussion with the 'Prisoner Zero' guards?" Rory whispered into Amy's ear loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Yes, now we are going to have it again." Amy sassed him. "Is that okay with you, or are you waiting to leave because you have something else to do."  

"Umm..... erm...." Rory struggled to answer Amy's question.

"Thought so, now pay attention." Amy said.

"Silence will fall!!!" The Silent said as he stuck one of his arms up so that it was perpendicular to his body. My defense mechanism kicked in again as I shot the Silent with a blast of energy, before his lighting arc attack, what ever you want to call it, hit us. It sent the Silent falling to the floor. And in a second it was standing back up. We're in trouble, BIG trouble! I thought as I prepared to fight the Silent. I shot at it, it shot at me, and I shot at it again. That's when I let my guard down for a moment. I turned to look at Amy who had just screamed and I was hit from behind. Since I had turned to my right, I had left my left exposed, which means a clear shot at my vital organs. I slumped down and I couldn't seem to move my body, and I started freaking out. I could feel my heart slowing as I fought for consciousness. For the sake of preserving my heritage and my planet in my heart, I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't die. I heard the Doctor's war call and realized that he was going after the Silent. I then proceeded to hear a strange whirring as if something mechanical was activated. I hoped and prayed that I wouldn't die. A single tear fell from my cheek as I drifted into unconsciousness. And at that point I knew I had most likely broken my vow.

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