The boy next door

When Ela leaves to stay with he aunt, she can't wait. But when the flights don't go to plan and her next door neighbour annoys her. Can this be true love?


5. YOU!

This noise continues all through the week and I begin  to get slightly annoyed. I bang on the wall and floor until they finally stop. 

Suddenly my phone vibrates and I have a message. 

It was from Luke and it read:

How are you, we haven't talked in ages

Exited about the text I reply: 

Alright although my next door neighbour is doing my head in with the loud music.

A few minuets I get a text back saying:

Tell me about it I have the next door neighbour  from hell. I have no-idea what they are doing but there is all of this banging and knocking. 

After hearing this and not feeling like it was just me, I build up the courage to put: 

Right! I am going to do something about this. I am going to march down thought stairs and nock next door. 

At that moment my phone starts vibrating. It was Luke trying to call me. 

"Hello?"he says 

"hi"I reply a bit puzzle why he called me

"I need to hear this" 

I giggle a little and grab my coat and march down the stairs 

"Aunt I am heading out" I say as I slam the door behind me. 

I march next door and bang on the door. 

" Wait a minute" says Luke " theres someone at the door." 

Finally the door opens. 

Standing there in front of me it Luke the guy from the airport.


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