The boy next door

When Ela leaves to stay with he aunt, she can't wait. But when the flights don't go to plan and her next door neighbour annoys her. Can this be true love?


4. Aunts house.

"Aunt? Are you home" I say as I let myself in and slowly close the door behind me 

"In the front room love" 

I walk into a large front room where in the corner was a small old lady with a blanket over her. 

"Aunt!" I say exited as I run over to her and hug her. I look at her as there are tears in her eyes from the joy of seeing me. 

We talk until really late at night when I finally decide I should go to bed. 

"Just up stairs to your right babe" explains my aunt

"Ok. do you need a hand going up stairs."

"no I am fine I will come up in a minute, just let me watch the end of countdown" 

"Alright aunt, But if you need anything then just call"

"Alright night, sleep well" 

I wonder up the stairs looking at the old flower wallpaper. Finally I reach the top of the stairs and reach my room. 

Its badge with purple bedding and bright pink curtains. Opposite my bed is a huge oak cuboard  and a chest of draws.

I spend the next hour unpacking my cloths and accessories and finally feel commutable to go to bed. I still haven't heard my aunt come up the stairs to go to bed so I sneak down stairs to see her. 

"Aunt?"I whisper. I I walk down the hall and look in the front room I see my aunt is asleep in her arm chair with the tv blaring. 

I turn off the telly and pull the fluffy blanket over her. Slowly I sneak upstairs back to my room finally able to sleep. As I snuggle under my blanket and begin to drift off to sleep there was a almighty blasting sound coming from next door. 

As I sit up in fright I realise it is music which continues until late that night.  

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