The boy next door

When Ela leaves to stay with he aunt, she can't wait. But when the flights don't go to plan and her next door neighbour annoys her. Can this be true love?


2. Airport

My small black taxi pulls up as I perch on the edge go my seat, exited about what the summer holidays will bring. 

I open the taxi door, pay the man as my uncle is know where to be seen and collect my luggage. 

I walk to the brink of the airport the automatic doors drift apart revealing a busy airport. Despite this I notice my uncle and run over to see him. 

"hell...."I say as he interrupts  

"Look the thing is I can't take you to Sydney" he shouts out an hiccups 

"Are you drunk!" 

"No! I just have to urgently go to the pub.......... BYE!" 

With that he runs out of the airport and out the door tripping all the way. 

I wasn't like my uncle and I had never seen  him like that before. Never the less I took it as an advantage that I would be travelling alone. 


I have two hours before my fight so I decide to look round the shops and buy myself some new pjs and some lunch. Before I new it it was time to departure lounge but there seemed to be a long line of angry people. 

"what do you mean we have to wait 5 MORE hours!!!"says some old guy. 

"Sssoorry  sir I-I don't make the rule" says a slightly scared airport helper. 

I can't believe it!

I came soooo close and now I have to wait. As I turn to leave a tall guy walkes up to me with blond hair a lip perching and a concerned look on his face. I am not one how is into romance and boys but he ,  whoever he was,look quite hot. 

He comes rushing towards me. 

"whats happening"  she says to me 

In shock I respond. 

"Well, I am only going on what I have heard but I think some thing has gone wrong with the flight and we have to wait another 5 hours" 

As soon as I finish a voice goes over the tannoy explaining what  I just said 

"Great!' says this guy " Sorry, hi Im Luke..... mmm my friends are on the other flight and I have know one to hang out with..... would you like to hang out with me?"


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