What It's Like To Be A Movie Extra

I've always wanted to be in a movie. And finally I got my wish! I was an extra for "Dear Dumb Diary." It hasn't come out yet. It was a great experience! NOTE: I tried to find someone that looked completely different than me to avoid any personal information.


1. Morning

It all started when my mom heard a movie was being made! The movie company was running low on extras. Thus Mom sent a photo of me via email.

Guess what?

They approved me for the job! I'd always wanted to be on TV.

Unfortunately, my little brother, who was full of imagination and energy, wasn't accepted. The movie probably took place at a middle school.

And then we prepared. We took up a variety of three shirts for the crew to choose between. None of them had any pictures on it. They thought such shirts would make me look like "walking advertisements."

The next day, Mom and I got up at 6:00, earlier than usual. We have to drive all the way to the state capital, an hour's drive, for a 12-hour operation. In fact, I fell asleep on the way.

Mom woke me up to tell me we'd arrived. Stretching, we walked to the Extra Locating Headquarters (E.L.H.). There we waited for the costume moderator to come and decide what we would wear.

While we waited, I pulled out my notebook and started drawing until the moderator arrived. He picked one and reassured me I didn't need to memorize any lines. An extra just stays in the background and reacts to the characters and their situations. He also said that in the world of acting, you had to start small and then you might even get the main role. You move up.

Actually, the changing room was in the middle school where we would later be filmed. After changing, I left to the E.L.H. as Mom went to change herself.

Someone informed me of a breakfast room, which was there since the actors came so early. I found my way there and looked at the selections. It was hard to find anything because I had food allergies. Severe ones.

The narrowed choices were bacon, fruit, and hashbrowns. I passed on the bacon and took up some fruit and some ever-so-delicious hashbrowns. I loved the hashbrowns so much that I ate two more plates! Then Mom came in and told me to slow down. Good idea.

Finally, we were called for filming!

We went to the middle school and toward the recording room, which happened to be the school gym.

I had to shut my eyes from the camera's torturous beam, afraid today's experience would leave me blind forever. Fortunately, a fellow extra told me you look aside and play your part.

We went to a large group of audience benches, where we prepared to chatter for a jump rope tournament that the central character's rival would win. I waved to my mom from the sidelines as the recording finally started. I chatted mostly with a great new friend about the movie, and she told me more about the book this movie was based on. (Remember, we were just in the background.)

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