I'm the Doctor

"Doctor? Is that you?" Clara asked, "Yes, it's me."


1. A New Monster

"Do you know how to fly this thing?" I yell, "No!" Clara shouts back. I press all the buttons that I think will get us flying again. The TARDIS comes to a stop. "Doctor? is that you?" Clara asks after we land, "It is me, Clara. Just with a different face." I say, her face in shock... She should know this after all, she has been with me for some of my regeneration's.The girl who shouldn't exist."Great, we are somewhere along the lines of.." I say before Clara cuts me off.

"Chelan, Wa 2014." Clara says, as she looks at a sign.

 "You know what let me get into something a bit snazzier." I say as I go to grab something to change into.

As I walk out of the TARDIS, I see a girl talking to Clara.

"This is the dance studio I dance at. Need any help with directions?" She tells Clara.

"Yes, um has anything fishy been going on?" Clara asks,

"Um, no... Other than that Sushi place over there, their sushi so cheap! Also what's your name?" the little girls asks.

"My name is Clara, what is your name?"

"It's Maggie! So if you need anything I'll just be up in the dance studio!" Maggie says as she walks away.

"Nice girl eh?" I say to Clara.

"She is. Wait  did you hear that?" Clara says looking around,

"Yea it sounded like a scream from that dance studio up there. Let's go." I say as I run to the door of the dance building. As we get in I see a ginger haired girl hugging Maggie as they scream.

"Come on children." I hear a voice say, 

"Doctor, you've got to help them." Clara whispers in my ear.

As I walk to the girls I see the creature.


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