Just Friends {Nash Grier FanFic}

"a guy and a girl can be just friends but at one point or another they will fall for each other. maybe temporarily, maybe too late, or maybe forever."


1. Coming Home

Madi's POV

The sound of ocean waves rippling caused me to grin. I was home. The aroma was a nice cool salty wind. We slowly approached the ocean when my dad let out a sigh. I let my eyes linger to his, his green eyes were full of pain. To many memories, not just good ones.
"I'll be fine dad." I reassured him taking his palm and linking our arms. A tear trickled down his cheek and landed on my wrist.
"Madison, what ever happens..." he choked. "I-I love-"
"I know dad. I know." I kissed his cheek and squeezed his hand. He let a smile slide across his face as we pulled into the beach house driveway.
He looked to be more serious than I had seen him in years, "I trust Mrs. Dallas and Mrs. Grier with my own life, but... I just want you to know, if you ever need anything. Or want to talk to someone and you don't feel comfortable you can always call me." I tapped my the figure of the phone in my pocket emphasizing it's there.
"I love you ,dad." I smiled and pecked his cheek once again.
"I love you too." his serious expression was replaced with a grin. "Let's get your stuff."
We headed around to the trunk and remove my bags. He helped me drag them up to the porch. The sea green house was the same as always, white plastered along the sides and windows. My dad set a knock on the door and we were greeted the very second by Mrs. Dallas.
"Madison!" she beamed herding me in. The inside of the house was the same as always. To my left was the kitchen with a wide island. To the right was the living room with a large angle couch along up much of the space. The other space was a recliner, a coffee table, and a large TV set. Placed along the walls were random pictures and sea shells. On the right at wall was a portrait of Cameron, Nash, Hayes, Shawn, Matt, Olivia, and me all packed around our sand castle. We were all about 9 that day. The stairs was along the left.
"Where's Nash and Cameron?" I wondered setting my bags around the door.
"They should be up-"
"MADISON!!!!" foot steps boomed around the house and I saw the figure of Nash and Cameron bounding down the stairs. I quickly braced myself. I was tackled in seconds with arms squeezing the breath out of me. The embrace of my best friends made me laugh. They let go of me just smiling, Cameron blushing. 

Cameron's had a crush on me for as long as I can remember, unfortunately he knows I don't feel the same way back. As much as I love Cameron I've told him a couple times I'd just rather be friends. There was a time when I was little that I had a slight crush on him, but that was in a bigger brother way. "How have you been?"  Nash asked as he and Cameron reached for my bags. 

"Never better," I replied. I turned to my dad and gave him a long hug. 

"Bye ,Madi. See you next year." and he was out the door. A tear fell down my cheeks but I twisted back to the boys. 

"I'll lead you to your room." Nash added and we lumbered up the stairs. The second door down the hall way was the guest room. It had a balcony that popped out in the front so you had a good view of the ocean. I had an extra bathroom in the left corner and a queen sized bed. The wall paper was a light blue and the bed sheets shone a chocolate brown.

"You guys have plans for tonight?" I asked.

They both nodded and smirk grew across their faces. "Party at Matt's." Cameron spoke up. 

*3 hours later*

Nash's POV

As we walked into Matt's mansion I couldn't help smiling at Madi's expression. Her eyes grew wide and her face was full of amazement. It was so cute when her bright green eyes gleamed in the light. Her eyes had always been as bright as mine, just green. Her brow always prefectly waved hair angled her clear face. She was so adorable. We headed to the back where Matt was playing Truth or Dare with Shawn, Taylor, Carter, and Olivia. Olivia locked eyes with me but I looked away. Me and Olivia had dated for about 8 months, when she cheated on me. She claimed she wanted me back and it was a one time thing, but I couldn't be broken again. Not after Madi left for 5 years. 

Madi and are were best friends, not like me and Cameron. More than that. We would always call ourselves, "the trio" but me and Madi had another connection. 


Madi sat her bed hands covering her face. I knocked lightly on the door, smiling. She twisted to see me and ran into my arms. I traced my fingers through her hair. I shut the door behind us and sat with her on her bed. She was cradled in my arms her head buried against my chest. 

"I don't want to leave..." she cried. I took her head in my palms. 

"You'll be fine," I assured her. Her green eyes were smoking with tears. Her face blood red from crying. But she seemed so beautiful. Slowly I leaned in and she closed the gap between us. Our lips connected and she wrapped her arms around my neck. She let go of me and fell into my eyes.

"Nash I-" 

"Madi! We're leaving!" she dashed down stairs leaving me with her kiss stained against my lips. 


"Wanna join us?" Matt wondered as we joined the circle. 

"Sure," Madi answered. She huddled between Cameron and I. I scanned the room noticing Olivia staring at me again. Her long black hair ending at her chest made my heart pound. her eyes were blue but not as blue as mine. 

I smacked myself out of it and turned back to Matt. His eyes wandered the room when they stopped at Madi. "Madi, haven't seen you in awhile. Truth or Dare?"


"Hmmmm..." he paused and stopped at me. "You have to make out with Nash in front of us for 5 minutes. Or you can go in a closet and make out for 8." he offered. 

Her face turned a blood red and I felt as though mine might have too. I saw a slight glimpse of Cameron's fists clenching. Figures. He's into every single girl I'm into and he always wins. 

"Ummm," she looked to me for guidance and I just stared at her. "We'll take the privacy."

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