The Miracle From Springfeild (NY)

Willow is a gurl who loves to take care of pets and when she isent helping take care of pets she is always taking pictures and taking care of her pets. Willow rescue animals all the time. Willow has two best friends named Clover and London. Clover is the shy but sweet and caring gurl. London is the Sweet, caring, and responsible gurl and Willow is the loud, hyper and helpful person. One day the gurls move and live Willow gets very sick. She ends up in the hospital. She gets put into a coma and they figure she has one thing..... CANCER. What will the other two gurls do without Willow. Who will come and save her? Read to find out....


1. Willow, Clover, and London

Willow Lee Snow: Hates Being Rich But Sometimes Has to Deal With It

19 Years Old

Bright Blue Eyes

Blonde Straight Hair


Parents: Rich People. 

Mother passed away from Lung Cancer. Father has Heart Problems.


Blake and Taylor


5 older brothers.

Lake: 21: Brown Curly Hair, Green Eyes

William: 31: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

Ashton: 28: Brown Hair, Green Eyes

Luke: 25: Blonde Hair, Green Eyes

James: 30: Blue Hair( Loves to die his hair: Natural Hair Color: Brown) Brown Eyes



Clover Louise Jones:

18 Years Old

Brown Curly Hair

Brown Eyes


Parents: Barley Home

Mother and Father Work A Lot And If They Are Home They Are Sleeping.


Jake and Chloe 

Siblings: 1 Older Sister, 1 Younger Sister and 1 Younger Brother

Jammie: 20: Brown Hair, Green Eyes: Dating Jayden Heart.

Chris: 13: Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes

Erin: 12: Brown Hair, Green Eyes



London Edwards Heart:

18 Years Old

Brown Hair

Green Eyes


Parents: Abusers

Father and Mother got a divorce. Father left. Live With Mother and Step-Father. Step-Father is Abuser. Mother works all day and isent home very much and Father Doesnt Work Just Goes to the Bar.


Real Dad: Landon

Mother: Jane

Step-Father: Max


Siblings: 2 Older Brothers and 1 Younger Sister

Jayden: 21: Brown Wavy Hair, Brown Eyes: Dating Jammie Jones(JJ)

Hunter: 20: Blonde Hair, Green Eyes

Sarah: 17: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes



Oh Also Theses Families Live In Washington. Washington, Seattle. 

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