theam park adenture

the boys have a day off but what happens when one of the boys don't want to go on the rollercoaster is being teased for it will he leave the band or stay in the band


2. i cant believe i ever was in 1d

~~. no he ran  and ran until he found a place where he could stay. this record producing walked past hey aren't you zayn malic. yes that's me well what are you doing hear my friends from one d aren't my friends anymore wait I'm confused zayn to make it simple I left the band I quit Liam was just to silly come on we need to get you back to your boys no I'm not going ok I tried 1 and a half zayn was really hungry this teen guy come up and sire zayn was crying is everything ok mate he looked and nodded wait your zayn malic why are you crying I'm not in the band anymore I quit he sat down next to him why by the way I'm James friend wait did he send you no I was just walking around hear and I sore you lets tack you back to James listen don't want to see anyone of 1d ever again what about just James ok then he wiped his tears and got up come on your zayn your brave thanks. bro he laughed  he rang James doorbell he wont be upset with you he's upset wit Liam trust me jams look who I found lying around hear zayn he screamed I'm saw happy to see you who is it Liam go away for 2 minutes oh look we don't  have anymore room for you in 1d we made it a 4 piece band no you made it a 4 piece band ok then I guess I'm going wait Liam  and pushed  zayn on the way out end of part 2

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