theam park adenture

the boys have a day off but what happens when one of the boys don't want to go on the rollercoaster is being teased for it will he leave the band or stay in the band


1. theam park drama

the boys had a day off they went to thorp park to have some fun they arrived already peole knew who they where they met James their  hey buddy how are you lets go inside ok where shall we got first ok lets look at the map hey what about thee rollercoaster everybody screamed yes except for zayn hey what about me your such a baby zayn  come on no. I'm not id rather go round this park on my own if you think that I'm a baby go on then wait zayn  come on Liam that wasn't very nice lets do stuff we all want to   lets  go to nandos all the  boys look at nial you shoid live their  they all loughed right where all going to the rollercoaster then latter we leave zayn in the park he gona prove to them im brave and went on the faster rollercaster then them and took a pic and sent it to liam who the baby now   said zayn  Liam loughed he aignet going on that theirs no way  liam suddenly hear zayn scream oh look he is hes hurting my ears hey baby why don't you go and leave us alone. zayn went to get a drink i have had it with one d their is no 1d without me good luck to them now we our 4 piece band liam we cant leave zayn. and why not what if something hapnes to him like he gets a solo record deal come on who will sign him up hes not a greet singer like me. liam your asking for trouble no im not hes just always been a baby whenever we go on a rollercoaster he refuses to go come on lets go and find zayn  no where staying hear zayn.  said Im right hear im about to leave the band if you don't keep liam quite i already have found my new band mate and where going to be more sucsesfull then you guys. James your my duet partney they all loughed id be happy to be zayn and left the boys to be with zayn   come on zayn you need to think about what your doing I did and I don't want to be in the band anymore and he grabbed his bad and ran out those silly boys will regret what they did to me  Louis come running out zayn get away fro me Louis come on its Liam that doesn't like you and he's really sorry. no he ran 






























































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