Just eat(parodi af Just dance af Lady Gaga)

Jeg har haft den her ide til en parodi i lang tid.
Just eat er en fantstisk hjemmeside med masser af mad, så hvorfor ikek lave en sang om den? (og mad <3)

Btw i know its weird


1. Just eat

*parody just dance - lady gaga*


Oh food i-is my world. O-oh-ooh.

I can't esacpe this partay-ay-ay-ay. No food, no fun where to go(to get a pizza) or maybe a kebab or maybe just a classic arm. I could eat anything right now(right right, right now). But then i found this website i don't know how i haven't heard of this heaven before. Keep it cool just look around, wait know i remember what it was called it was; 

Just eat, gonna be okay just, just, just, just eat. Remember know, It's not all free, just eat, you're gonna be okay, if you just, just eat, eat, eat, just, just, just , just eat.

Well it is now the time has come(the time has come), yeah i can choose whatever i wan't(whatever i wan't). Still at this this sick party yet all i can think of is, when will the delivery be here. Ordered a familypizza, with extra cheese and extra big pepperonis, i guess i should have ordered the beef, but who really cares it's my life, my life. 
I'll just eat...(chorus)

The delivery is here, so delicious i kiss him, don't even care. I open the box and the smell is like an angel calls. Never gonna give an slice to a friend or a foe hell even my grandma. Listening to gaga while watching the dancers go all over. 

Oh baby i will never ever eat you up, why would i you look so fresh, delisicous you should win the pizza cup. Just gonna stay here all night eating you bite for bite, why is food so underrated?But anyway i was doing something, oh year i was just eating.(chorus..)

Just eat, its gonna be okay. just, just, just, just, just eat.... (chorus contuining)

Half hungry, half stuffed. Gonna order one more. Half hungry, half stuffed. Gotta order one more(2x)


I am done but don't know what to do wbout all of these people just seem to be not honest, not honest wanting to taste this, yes i know, it's flawless. But i guess that, you can(yes you can) order some from

(chorus) Just eat, gonna be okay... 


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