A Witch Tale

In this story, of power and force, a mad king, people, and 3 small witches, counting down the time for the king, hour by hour, until thi end.

This is a collection of all small witch tales i created.


2. Story of a Witch


In the beginning of time, it all is a rime. To show the power, that can destroy in a hour. 


Long ago, in a village of fear, the witch Mira lived, who was a kind of seer. 

But the priest Arandus wanted her expelled, and that was something that she now felt.

Arandus the priest talked to the people, that she must leave. And he must be.

The villagers obaid, and told the witch, that she must leave forever the village.

She warned them about the dangers if she leaved, and the villagers said go, and did not believe.

She walked on a high high hill, and told them that they now have started hell.

The villagers was afraid and that was clear, even the priest was filled with fear.

They had a very good reason to hide, because what she said, was not a lie

When the first moon rised, they though the witch lied, 

but that was too soon, because they did not know, that it in the summer falled with snow.

When they whoke up, in the mornings light, the priest saw in the horizont, two animals where in a fight.

But that was not all, because a woman falled. She screamed of frightnent, she screamed by fear, my children is gone, it is the foulght of the seer. 

All children was gone, desapeard now alone.

But the witch was alone, this was her home

Later the day the elders was gone, and the witch began her magical song.

The priest hided in his church, letting none pass, he thought it was a curse.

The rest of the villagers screamed of fear, trying to smash the door in, but the creatures was near.

suddently there was silent, it looked so violent.

The priest watchet the door, and  creatures jumped on the floor. 

He found out the last of fought, was that all this was his foulght.

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