A Witch Tale

In this story, of power and force, a mad king, people, and 3 small witches, counting down the time for the king, hour by hour, until thi end.

This is a collection of all small witch tales i created.


1. A Witch Tale

Long ago in a land of uncontrolled force, with people so happy and the smith with his forge. In the castle of shining light, the witches knew there soon would be fight. They warned the king of stone, that the city of power, and uncontrolled force,would soon be a ruin of the damned and lost. The king went mad and called the guards, they took the witches and began to march. "In 13 days your home will be gone, and we will sing song by song!"

The king was afraid and that was clear, because he had a reason to walk and fear. The first day was gone and the winter begun, and clouds so black hided the sun. Water turnt to ice so white, and the people so hungry began to fight.

Day 3 was gone, and the days grown long. Until day 13 began with a song. The witches of the lonely mountains saw, that the people of the king, broke the law. They laught so evil laught so free, they saw the animals begin to flee.

Something in the mountain began to move, smashing the mountain, so the stones got loose. The people screamed and began to run, unknown, where the force came from. The king of stone made a sword of diamond steal, and uncontrolled force. He fighted the evil to defend his gold, but in thi end he was the only inside his hold. Slaughtered his people and home, finding out he was all alone. 

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