The Alternative Choice

The Eleventh and Ninth Doctor accidentally decide to go the exact same point in time and space! Due the two TARDISes colliding, they are sent to an alternate universe where Doctor never stole the TARDIS! As the Time War begins, the alternate reality threatens to become OUR reality.

1st runner-up for the Doctor Who fan-fiction competition.


3. Past and Future

"Doctor...who's that?" asked Clara.

The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver. The other Doctor also pulled out his sonic screwdriver.

"Ninth," said the other Doctor.

"Eleventh," said the Doctor with a grin.

"So...I like bow ties in the future?" asked the Ninth Doctor.

"Yes. They're cool. Bow ties are cool."

The Eleventh Doctor turned to Rose. "You are such a sight a sore eyes..." he said, his voice cracking.

Jack turned him. "How can you be the Doctor? You look completely different."

"Regeneration. Brings me back to life, basically, and changes my face," said the Ninth Doctor. "I've done it eight times before. I have three regenerations left, then I'm dead. 

"This is actually my last form. I've got to be extra careful with this one," smiled the Eleventh. He was still eyeing Rose with adoration. 

Clara poked him. "Doctor? Why are you staring at the blonde girl?"

The Doctor looked away from Rose. "Sorry. Rose Tyler, this is Clara Oswald. Clara Oswald, Rose Tyler."

"Hello," said Rose. She turned to the Ninth Doctor. "Where are we?"

He looked up from the scanner. "Trenzalore."

The Eleventh Doctor looked around the TARDIS. "So. The outside of our TARDISes no longer exist. If I were to go out the door, we would walk right into my TARDIS. The outside door of your TARDIS has become the door of my TARDIS."

"So we're trapped?" asked Clara.

"Oh no, my dear Rose," said the Eleventh Doctor.

Rose cleared her throat. "Clara said it, not me."

"Er...Right. Anyway. It's a simple move of five yards or so."

He and the Ninth Doctor got straight to work, pressing buttons and flipping levers. They heard the TARDIS land. The Eleventh ran over to the door and turned around.

"Now, when I open this door, we'll see the landscape of Trenzalore and my TARDIS."

He opened the door and saw the pitch black interior of his TARDIS.

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