This is NOT a love story (O2L Kian)

Seanna has a friend that didn't tell her that he is moving and selling the house she lives in with him and that his friends are going to be staying for a week before the move but she ends up liking his best friend #O2L #Kian lawley #Ricky Dillon


1. What your moving!?!?!?!?!

Baileys P.O.V.

I turn over in my bed and wake up

"RICKY" I yelled "What" he asked "uhhh why are you in my bed"?????? I said "my friends came over last night and kinda are staying for a week and there was no beds I could sleep on

" he said I said " okay but why r they staying here???"

He said " well......" "Ricky" I said " I'm moving & selling the house" he said " wha..... WHERE AM I SUPPOSE TO LIVE RICKY?!!!!" & he looked down & I knew he wasn't gonna let me live with him " you know what Ricky SCREW U I DONT CARE ABOUT U OR UR STUPID FRIENDS!!!! THIS IS MY HOUSE TOO RICKY U CANT JUST GO & SELL IT & LEAVE ME ON THE STREETS!!!! Then I hear someone open the door " what's going on????" Kian asked " nothing Kian just I didn't tell Bailey that I'm selling the house..." & he said "well can't she come live with us???" & Ricky said " no she can't o2l can't handle taking care of a fucking child." & I said " OH FUCK NO RICKY U CANT CALL ME A CHILD U R ONLY 2 YEARS OLDER & IM THE SAME FUCKING AGE AS KIAN & SAM & IM OLDER THAN TREVOR BUT LETTING HIM LIVE WITH U!

SO FUCK U." & then Kian said " Shit she's got a mouth on her and I still say she should live with us. Because she is my age, she's pretty & I say she could stay in my room." Then he winked at me & I rolled my eyes ( if u didn't know I'm that type of girl all the guys hit on I have brown hair & beautiful blue eyes & I am a model just haven't gone to a show for a while.)

Ricky answered Kian back & said " R U SERIOUSLY HITTING ON MY LITTLE SISTER??!!" & Kian said " oh shit she's UR sister... Well she is WAY better looking than u..." & I said " thanks Kian & Ricky I don't care that he is hitting on me u don't care when anyone else hits on me like seriously why care now!" Ricky said " cause he is one of my bestfriends & u are my sister just go back & live with mom." & I started crying " RICKY GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM NOW!!" & Kian came to comfort me & Kian said " u heard her get out."

HEY GUYS! I decided that Bailey & Ricky are brother & sister cause Ya yolo & I hope you liked the modifications that I made to this chapter & I hope you like the book so far. -Seanna

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