Business (Niall horan AU)

Niall Horan. Owner of a Multi-million dollar business. Niall is 32 and has a wife name Charisma. He also has a 14 year old daughter and a son who is 6.
Lynn is Niall's assistant at work. Lynn is 28 and has been working for Niall for 5 years. As far as Niall's family knows she is a great woman who is dedicated to her work.
The one thing Niall's family doesn't know about Niall and Lynn is that they are having a secret affair behind their back.
Lynn is the mother of Jane who is 4 and Nolan who is 2 and they are both Niall's.
What will Niall do once his family finds out?
Find out in 'Business'


4. Please!!

Lynn's POV

I walked into the work building and went to the break room. I made myself a hot coco since I can't have coffee.

I walked to the elevator and pressed the top button. 

When the doors opened I put in the code to open the door. 47269 I remember it like my life depends on it.

I walked over to my desk and sat down. 

Niall's door opened and his head popped out. 

He's tried calling me plenty of times and I've ignored him.

"Lynn please talk to me" He said. I just ignored him.

"lynn if you don't talk to me I'll fire you" He said.

"So your gonna fire the woman of your children?? Then I'll tell your wife" I said.

"Never mind that. Baby I'm sorry I didn't mean any of it I was just jealous and I thought you were gonna leave me and I felt insecure. I haven't been with you much and I feel like you don't love me anymore" He said. A tear slid down his eye and I broke. 

I stood up and hugged him. He cried into my shoulder.

"I love you guys just as much as Charisma and Hanna and the twins and Jarrod. I wanna marry you. I want us to be together. I do. But I can't do that to Charisma." He said. 

"I..... Okay. I have a scan after work. I'll get you your extra picture" I told him he smiled.

"Do you forgive me?" He asked.

"Sure but you have to talk to Jane. She's really sad at the moment she hates everything. She didn't eat last night or this morning and she cried all night and didn't sleep but 2 hours. Also she woke up with a runny nose. She's got a cough so she stayed at my friend Christina's house." I said.

"well let's phone them" Niall said. I nodded and called Christina.

"Hey babes!! What's up? Me and Jane are in the middle of playing dolls" She told me I chuckled.

"Can you put Jane on the phone?" I asked.

"Sure..... Jane your mummy wants to talk to you" She said. I heard some shuffling in the background and then I heard Jane's tiny voice say. "Hello?"

"Hey honey. I want you to talk to someone" I said. I handed Niall my phone.

"Hey princess" He said.

"I just wanted to tell you that I love you more than all the stars, moons, and planets. I'm sorry I said that. I was just mad. Forgive me?" He asked.

"Pleaseeeeeeeeee" He said. I heard a small sigh and a 'okay' I chuckled.

"Well I have to get back to work but I love you. Me and mommy" He said. He then hung up.

"God I love you so much!!" He said.

"I love you too" I said and hugged him.

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