Business (Niall horan AU)

Niall Horan. Owner of a Multi-million dollar business. Niall is 32 and has a wife name Charisma. He also has a 14 year old daughter and a son who is 6.
Lynn is Niall's assistant at work. Lynn is 28 and has been working for Niall for 5 years. As far as Niall's family knows she is a great woman who is dedicated to her work.
The one thing Niall's family doesn't know about Niall and Lynn is that they are having a secret affair behind their back.
Lynn is the mother of Jane who is 4 and Nolan who is 2 and they are both Niall's.
What will Niall do once his family finds out?
Find out in 'Business'


1. At home

Lynn's POV

"Mommy why doesn't daddy live with us?" Jane asked.

"Well daddy lives somewhere else because he has other children. Remember we have to go over there today. Remember what you call daddy?" I asked.

"Yeah. Niall" She replied.

"That's right. How about you Nolan?" I asked.

"Niall" He replied. I smiled. Great!!

"Where here. Remember he's not daddy he's Niall and the woman is Mrs. Horan that's daddy's last name. His kids are Hanna and Jarrod." I explained for the hundredth time. They nodded and I got out the car. 

I Unbuckled Jane's seat belt and put her on the ground then I went to the other side of the car and got Nolan out.

We closed the doors to the car and walked up to the house. I knocked on the door and Niall's wife opened it.

"Ahhhh Lynn you made it and you brought the kids." She said. This is the first time she was meeting them. She's seen pictures and went with me to some scans- Wrong I know but she wanted to go.

"Yup. Jane, Nolan why don't you go see what the other children are doing?" I asked.

Jane and Nolan ran past Charisma into the living room.

"Well come on out back. We're grilling burgers. Niall's out there with his friends the girls are in the kitchen" She said.

We walked into the kitchen and I saw Perrie, Eleanor, Sophia, and Tracey.

"Awe where is Dani?" I asked.

"Danielle should be here with Ben in a little while. You know she just had her baby and all" Sophia said.

"Oh. I'll go greet the guys" I said. The all nodded and sipped on their wine. 

I walked outside and saw Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, Sean, and Drake. All of Niall's closest friends.

"Hello boys" I said. They all looked at me and smiled.

"Hello Lynn how are you today?" Liam asked. I smiled. 

"Lovely. I finally got Nolan to like his potty" I said. They all chuckled.

"Well that's great." Zayn said.

"Yeah." I replied.

"Lynn Cna I talk to you in the den real quick about some important calls I need you to answer at work?? I was gonna tell you Monday but you came today so why not tell you today?" Niall said. I sighed trying hard not to smile.

"I guess but make it quick so I can get back to my girls" I said. He nodded and we walked to the den but just in case we went behind a secret door- Still have no clue why Niall needs this room.

"Why do you have this random room?" I asked.

"For when I need to work in peace" He said. He shut the door and locked it.

"I missed you so much" He said. The thing I love about this house. All it's walls are sound proof well except one room that's where they had Hanna and Jarrod stayed when they were little babies.

Hey I am not a stalker. It's just Charisma talks a hell of a lot about her 'perfect' family.

"I missed you too" I said. I kissed him and hugged him.

"The kids miss you too" I said. He frowned.

"They are so confused about this whole situation" I sighed and put a hand on my for head while closing my eyes.

"Baby. Relax we'll get through it" He said. His Irish accent was so thick.

"Babe. I just can't. You have to choose. It's either me or Charisma" I said. He shook his head.

"You know I can not do that" He said. I sighed again.

"I know I'm sorry. I just hate lying to everyone. I'm shagging one of my best friends husbands behind her back. I feel terrible" I said.

"Baby everything will be okay. So how are the kids?" He asked.

"Well Jane has gotten such good grades on her cards from school. Nolan's hair is slowly but surely turning red. Our baby boy is a ginger" I said. Niall chuckled.

He put his arms around my waist and kissed my lips. He kept on pecking my lips.

"Let's head back. Were there any calls?" I asked.

"Yeah but I'll tell you about it tomorrow" He said. (Btw it's a Sunday if your wondering)

Niall unlocked the door and we left the den. I went to the kitchen and smiled when I saw Danielle.

"Where were you? You took forever" Charisma asked.

"Well I went to say hi to the guys I told them about Nolan and his potty and Niall talked to me about some important calls in the Den and showed me my schedule for next week" I replied. I meant to look at my schedule actually. Darn!

"Oh" Charisma said.

"Well Lynn meet my baby Leona" She said. I smiled.

"She's beautiful Dani!!" I said. I looked at Leona and couldn't help but think of having more kids.


"Good morning Lynn." My co-worker Jonathan said. He is like a big brother to me and he knows almost everything about me. Well except the Niall thing.

"Hey babes" I said.

I walked into the break room and made two coffees. I then walked to Niall's office. It was on the very top floor and it was the only office up there. Nobody was allowed up there except me, his kids, his wife, and - If they phone before hand- his clients.

I walked into his office and sat his coffee in front of his face.

"Good morning babe" Niall said and gave me a quick kiss. Out of the five years I've been here we've been caught once and he ended up firing the woman who saw it. Nobody believed her because she was really crazy and saw things. That's when Niall made the rule. He said it was because 'He didn't want anyone else messing with him when he's trying to work.'

His wife was pissed at first but he explained some crap story to her.

"Morning sexy" I winked and turned around to walk away.

"Where do you think your going Mrs.-somewhat- Horan?" He asked.

It's true. Niall had proposed to me after I had Jane. We never actually got married we are engaged I guess.

"To work." I said. I turned around and Niall smacked my butt. I turned my head and smirked.

I walked to my desk and sat down. i had paper work I had to look through.

*5 hours later*

I got up and went into Niall's office.

"Yes. I promise I will pick Hanna and Jarrod up babe. Stop stressing and go to the spa. Get your nails done and your hair done and we can go on a date tonight. Okay wear some thing fancy. I love you too" He said. Normally a woman would be mad if she heard this but I had to get used to it.

He hung up his phone and looked at me while rubbing his face.

"You promised you'd come over today" I said. He sighed. I was so used to this, being blown off by him.

"Well I have to come over another night" He said.

"Niall your kids miss you" I said while crossing my arms.

"Well Hanna and Jarrod miss me too." He said.

"You never spend any time with us. The only time you bloody sleep over is when you go on a business trip and leave your home early" I said.

"I have a wife and a household to take care of. I had a family before you guys" He said and it kinda hurt.

"I would understand if we didn't have children but we do. I'm the mother of your youngest children and your fiance. I wouldn't of said yes if I knew we weren't gonna spend any time together" I said.

"You knew what you got yourself into." He said.

"Yeah and I wish I made another decision" I said while turning around. Niall sighed and stood up.

"Lynn" He said. I ignored it and walked to the door. Niall walked up to me and grabbed my wrist.

"Lynn stop" He said but I took my other hand and put it on the door nob.

"Lynn no!" He said. I shook my head and a single tear slid down my face.

"I-I'm going home. We just need a Break" I said. I shook his hands of my wrists and grabbed my stuff off my desk.

I drove home and dropped my stuff off and got Jane from school and Nolan from day care.

"Mommy? Have you been crying?" Jane asked.

"Yeah" I replied. We were at home in my room eating a tub of ice cream while Nolan slept. We were also watching Nemo.

"Why have you been crying?" She asked.

"Mommy and daddy got into a fight today" I said.

"Oh. Is daddy coming home tonight?" She asked.

"No he's not coming over. H-He's with his other family" I told her. Her face fell but then she pulled a fake smile.

"O-Okay" She said. Her voice cracking. Other than the cook out the kids haven't seen Niall for 2 weeks.

"Awe baby" I said and then she burst out into tears.

"I miss daddy!!" She sobbed into my shirt.

"Want me to call him?" I asked. She nodded.

I texted Niall asking if it was okay to call him. He replied with a yes.

I called him and he answered right away.

"Babe I'm sorry I ju-" But I cut him off.

"Your daughter is crying" I said. He sighed into the phone.

"Let me talk to her" He said.

I put the phone on speaker.

"Your on speaker" I said.

"Okay. Hi Princess" He said into the phone.

"Hi daddy" Jane said and wiped her tears.

"Tell daddy what's wrong? Why is daddy's princess crying?" He asked.

"I-I miss you" And then a new wave of tears sprung from her small blue eyes.

"Don't cry. Daddy will come over tomorrow. I promise" He says. Jane smiles.

"Okay" She said and snuggled into me. I took the phone off speaker and put it to my ear.

"Your off speaker now" I said.

"Where's Nolan?" He asked.

"He's asleep in his room. Jane and I are just eating ice cream and watching Nemo." I said.

"Oh. Babe I don't like when we fight" He said. I sighed.

"I don't like it either but you always blow us off" I said. He then sighed.

"I promise I will come over tomorrow" Niall said. I smiled.

"Okay" I said.

"So does that mean there's no break?" He asked. I chuckled.

"Nope." I said.

"So what are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm out with Charisma at a fancy place. I excused myself to the bathroom. Danielle and Ben are here also" He said. I was bummed that my man and two best friends are out but what you gonna do.

"I wish we could go out" I said.

"We can go out but it has to be in the town over" He said.

"I know I just.... Never mind. I hear Nolan crying. You should probably get back to your wife." I said.

"Yeah. Tell Nolan I love him and Jane. I love you also my dear" I said.

"Love ya too" I said and the hung up.

I walked to Nolan's room and picked him up.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Bad dream" Was all he replied before getting in my bed and eating some ice cream.

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