Romeo and Juliet (Modern day version 1D)

Lucy has just moved in with sister Kelly because her parents and brothers had moved somewhere else she had to go live with her sister what she didn't know is that the guys of 1D lived across the hall. As Lucy is on er way to school she trips and Niall Horan helps her up has Lucy found true love......?


1. Kelly's apartment

Lucy walked through the doorways and she was scared it was ever so dark down here she rang the bell of her sister's apartment and went in. She walked up the long trek of stairs to the room of her sister.

"Hey Kelly. I'm home." Lucy said

"Oh hey Luce. How was the trek up here?" Kelly asked sarcastically.

"Like climbing the mount Everest. How are you?" Lucy said

"Mad." Kelly said

"Why." Lucy said 

"Well because I have to have you here every day till you leave and this dude called Harry won't talk to me it's so unfair." Kelly said

"Maybe he's just not interested." Lucy said

"Of course he's interested he fancies me I know it." Kelly said

"OK. Whatever you say." Lucy said being sarcastic

"Are you being sarcastic." Kelly said

"Yeah." Lucy said being rude.

"You are a bitch! I thought you'd give me some advice like on how to dress but no. Your a flipping bitch who is useless and no one cares about."  Kelly said

"No. Maybe your the bitch. Maybe Harry doesn't want to go out with someone who wares mom's clothes!" Lucy said


"Fine!" Lucy said

"Good." Kelly said

"Ugh." Lucy said walking off into her room.

"Ugh." Kelly said sitting on the sofa.

(Kelly's P.O.V)

'She thinks she can just come in here and tell me that I'm old fashioned like mom? Well maybe boys don't want to go out with a slut like her she's a fucking bitch man. I mean how old is she 18 or 15? She acts like's someone who's 18 that goes out drinking and getting wasted all night. She is so pathetic. Maybe I was wrong to call her a bitch tomorrow she is so not gonna talk to me I hate this so much.'

(End of P.O.V)

What will happen next? found out in chapter 2?


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