Wolf Blood

A girl, injured and a hindu princess, is found on a packs territory. Not just that...she's 13 years old and half werewolf.


4. Chapter 4

A few years later, Aishia was no longer the badly injured 13 year old girl with no home. Now, she was 15 years old, and stunning. She'd learned how to morph into her werewolf shape, a gorgeous black wolf like Dorian except with the two-tone eyes.  She had agreed to being Dorian's mate but still wasn't popular in the pack. 


Aishia walked through the halls of the mansion and went to a balcony, walking out and letting the wind play with her long black hair. Her ebony colored hair was down to her thighs and wavy at times. Small wisps of it waved through her face and as she heard the door close she whipped around, a hand on a dagger in her sheath by her side. 

"Easy there princess." Dorian exclaimed as he raised his hands, walking up to his fiance. "Are you okay dear?" his hand went around her shoulder and she smiled lightly. 

"Sorry love. Thought you were another one to hurt me." she explained gently, eyes softening in an apology.  Dorian rubbed her shoulder in his way of saying he forgave her. He sensed eyes on them and turned his head slightly to see the envious looks of other werewolves but seeing his dart like gaze they vanished quickly and Dorian turned to his betrothed, leading her inside with a hand on her back. 

"Thanks Dorian." Aishia murmured softly, her eyes flicked up to his face as he pulled her close. His eyes gazed into her two-toned ones as she leaned into him and they kissed. Aishia melting into his warm embrace. 

"Thank you...you know I would be hurt and lost if anything happens to you." Dorian murmured into her black hair. Aishia nodded her head and sighed. Her eyes flickered to the now setting sun.

"Want to go on a hunt love?" Aishia asked softly, her eyes glittering. 

"you're so on love." Dorian grinned and morphed into his ebony colored wolf, leaping down the mansion stairs and waiting for his fiance to follow. Quick as lightning, Aishia had morphed and followed her betrothed down the stairs before both ran out to the darkening forest beyond. 

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