Wolf Blood

A girl, injured and a hindu princess, is found on a packs territory. Not just that...she's 13 years old and half werewolf.


2. Chapter 2

     The heir to the pack set the girl down on a bed and waited for her to awaken. His eyes widened as her eyes fluttered open and she tried to sit up but managed to be pushed back down by Dorian. Her eyes not exactly seeing. "Stay put until we bandage you up." he said icily. Aishia soon drifted back into unconsciousness. Angela came into his room with bandages, medicine and gauze to stop all the bleeding. She wound the bandages around her broken bones and twisted ankle before bandaging her wounds. She watched the girl, she looked like she was 13 years old but how was she alive? Angela shook her head and waited by her bedside as Aishia stirred and opened her eyes, groaning she tried to sit up and Angela pushed her down but gently "Dorian get her some water." She said softly as Aishia began shaking "Child what happened to you?" she asked softly. Aishia cowered, scooting as far away form the lady as possible "W-who are you? Where am I?!" she asked,trembling. 


Angela eyed the girl "You're in my house my pack territory. Who are you might I ask?" Her eyes were daggers. 


"A-A-Aishia miss, please don't hurt me more." Tears welled up in her eyes. Angela glanced up as Dorian came in with water and handed it to the girl who took it shakily.

"Wait outside mom." the heir to the pack murmured softly "I'll talk to her." he sat down on her bed and touched her hand, causing Aishia to flinch instinctively. "What's your name sweet heart." he asked her softly. 

"Aishia." the girl murmured softly, still shaking but laying down at least. Her eyes were focused yet fear shone deep in them. 

"What happened to you?" Dorian asked gently, touching her cheek with a hand. 

"I-I was leaving my kingdom and ran away after my family was killed. T-then...then I was attacked but kept running, I forgot where I was, who I was, what I...never mind," that was one secret she'd keep to herself, she was half werewolf. 

Dorian stroked her hair, to be exact he was the same age as her just a tad bit taller. He gestured to the water, which had a drug in it to clam her and send her to sleep in it. Aishia drank it swiftly and then her eyes closed almost instantly and she slipped back into the darkness. Dorian stood up and walked outside to where his mother was waiting. 

"Well?" Angela asked form her spot against the wall. Her eyes scanned her sons for any news. 

"She's traumatized and scared. Her name's Aishia and she belongs to a 'kingdom'" he replied softly and sighed "We better take her in." he was also getting to the age of finding a mate to take over the pack. His eyes drifted to the door, and he thought he'd just found his future mate. 



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