Mia Cunningham is your average teenage girl. She has a best friend, Chloe Avery, they've known each other since the 3rd grade and have been inseparable ever since. Along her high school adventure, Mia meets what seem to be a perfect guy, Austin Grey, they were together for 2 whole years until things started going down hill. From that point on nothing seemed right... her best friend was gone, her parents didn't care, and she felt alone...

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7. Summer heat and mosquito bites

      2 months later...

      If you guys don't know, school is out which means Austin and I have been spending tons of time together this summer. At first when i had my little school girl crush on him, i never imagined it being as amazing this. We've had a chance to get to know each other a lot better since the party and he's honestly all I've every wanted and i feel like as far as our relationship goes, we're starting off slow and hopefully it will turn into something greater than it already is.

      Tonight at 7, i'm meeting Austin at some restaurant called "Luigi's Italian Grill." I've never heard of it but i love Italian food. Till then, Chloe and I are going to go shopping and getting our nails done. Chloe has been sleeping over i my house because her and her parents have been arguing and my parents are always on business trips so they don't care anyways. 

      After lazily getting out of bed, we get ready and freshen up for the adventurous day we have ahead of us.  By noon, were out the door and hop into Chloe's red convertible mustang and head on our way to the mall. When we get there we go into our favorite store and buy the perfect cocktail dresses. As were standing in line to checkout, the idea hits me. "where are you planning to wear that beautiful dress? Anywhere particular?" i ask her. "Not really, i was just going to wear it on the next fancy occasion which i don't really know when is going to happen..." Chloe answers back.

      "Go get Noah and tell him that you and him are going on a double date!" i wink at her.



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