Mia Cunningham is your average teenage girl. She has a best friend, Chloe Avery, they've known each other since the 3rd grade and have been inseparable ever since. Along her high school adventure, Mia meets what seem to be a perfect guy, Austin Grey, they were together for 2 whole years until things started going down hill. From that point on nothing seemed right... her best friend was gone, her parents didn't care, and she felt alone...

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3. Finally!

      So we've been here for a good hour and it's been pretty much the most wasted time of my life. I'm so ready to go home and watch vampire diaries. The only thing that's keeping my from leaving this dumb party is my faith. I have faith Austin is going to come up to me and kiss my passionately."Maybe i'll wait 5 more minutes." I thought after imagining the perfect moment between him and I. 

      2 minutes later:

      I see him from a distance but I need to find a way to get his attention. I think to myself " Boys  don't necessarily have to make the first move" After building up the courage to go up to him all by myself, i finally get to where i'm in front of him. I'm speechless. One thing I   forgot to think about was what I was going to say. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong, went wrong. I start to sweat and then finally the words just start rolling right off my tongue. 

      "Ummm... Hi... you're amazing... sorry" i blurted without hesitation. what the heck was i saying? what the heck is happening? what the heck is wrong with me? At this point, we just awkwardly stared at each other. Without saying another stupid word, i attempted to quickly turn away and pretend as if nothing ever happened when all the sudden i felt a tug on my arm.

      "wait, you don't have to go. I understand why you're acting so strange" Austin surprisingly told me.

"You look very beautiful tonight, your name?" He added. 

" uhhh... Its Mia... Mia Nichole Cunningham" 


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