Mia Cunningham is your average teenage girl. She has a best friend, Chloe Avery, they've known each other since the 3rd grade and have been inseparable ever since. Along her high school adventure, Mia meets what seem to be a perfect guy, Austin Grey, they were together for 2 whole years until things started going down hill. From that point on nothing seemed right... her best friend was gone, her parents didn't care, and she felt alone...

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5. Ding, Dong!

      Chloe! i totally forgot about her. She's drunk and who knows what she could be doing by now. I quickly snapped out of it and rushed inside to find her leaving Austin standing by the pool in his backyard by himself. 

      As soon i  got inside i found Chloe dancing on a table attempting to pull her thong from under dress. I got a few guys to help me carry her to the car and take her back to my house so she didn't get in trouble by her parents. On the way home, i realized i never got Austin's number. I still felt really bad about just randomly leaving and ruining the moment him and i had together.

      When he got home, i managed to get Chloe inside and in bed all by myself when all the sudden i hear my door bell ring. 

      I went to go check it and as soon as i opened the door, It was Austin. 

"Sorry to just barge in on you like this, I didn't want to leave on such a Awkward note and so i got your address from one of your friends that i usually see you hang out with at school... sorry if thats a little creepy and now that i said it out loud it creeped ME out a little. Austin joked..

" It's okay, i creeped you out earlier so i guess we can call it even now. Wanna come inside?"


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