Letters to Limbo

Scarlet, having died in a car crash, eventually finds a way to contact her best friend and lover Ethan. The problem is, Ethan is still alive. Through a series of letters, they begin to pond again.


7. Scarlet (Morgy)


Good riddance I say. That’s what happens in wars. See? I told you this war dream of yours is stupid and I think you’re finally able to understand why.

I can’t remember the exact moment I died and frankly, I don’t want to. I was drunk, hardly in the right mind. I did however know I was dead when I found myself looking into a mirror and seeing myself being zipped up in a body-bag.

I can’t make contact with any other dead people unless they’ve chosen this room to reside in, just like Ebony did. My guess is he went into the light. Like I told you, hardly anyone sees the red door, welcoming them into this inbetween place. Either way, wherever his on this side, all his pain would be gone. You can let him go.

It’s a war, Ethan. The people you work with will die and maybe, hopefully, you might be one of them. Death isn’t fun, but at least I know that when you’re here, you’ll be safe and well and.. with me.


I love you,


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