Letters to Limbo

Scarlet, having died in a car crash, eventually finds a way to contact her best friend and lover Ethan. The problem is, Ethan is still alive. Through a series of letters, they begin to pond again.


16. Ebony (FireWitch)

Ah, what am irony that scarlet should wish Ethan dead. 

I was the girl Ethan spoke about - I am the one who lured him to his death. 

Stupid man dove after me - thinking the bullets being shot in my direction would hurt me! And he died. 

They finally met again, Ethan and Scarlet, after all these years they're together again.  

You should have seen how sappy they were! Ew!
As soon as he saw her Ethan proposed. 
Of course Scarlet said yes.   

And you know what's worse? They left me here. They went off into the light and left me here! 

But you know what,  I won't be alone for long. I have my eye on someone,  and he'll be joining me soon enough. 

Be prepared lover boy, Im coming.



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