*WARNING* This does involve self harm, and some cuss words* *PLEASE* Don't read if you think it might trigger something.
*** ON HOLD***

"Hello? " I asked weakly trying to stop the tears
"Kaylie?" The voice said.
"Help..me.." I said tears running down my face.
"It happen again didn't it?" the voice replied.
"Yes" I said.
"I'm coming" the voice said and hung up.

Kaylie is a girl who unwanted, bullied, and sometimes even did selfharm. Music was her only escape. She dm her favorite person tell her that she ca-..


2. 2

 One week later.

I find it weird that me and Perrie  talk a lot for the past week. I told her something like my mother passing and my bullying. I haven't told her about my father. I'm not ready for her to find out about that yet. She also told me somethings about her also. How her and Zayn are doing and how I should come and visit her whenever she back home. Although I think that highly impossible since my dad won't let me go anywhere.

The bells ring snapping me out of my thoughts. I gather my things and leave the room. I walk the through the packed hallway weaving through the people. I do my combination and open my locker  but the doors imminently closed.

"Hey freak" Emma said. Her minion are right behind her.

I do my combination again while ignoring her.

"Talk back Fish that's rude." she said.

I get my things and try to leave her at my locker. But one of her minions got me and pulled me back.

"Listen freak you should show respect to her." The girl said.

"Why the frock should I respect if she doesn't respect me. Why the hell are you guys treating her like a queen when treat others and you like sh*t." I said pulling my arm away from the girl. I leave while the girls are silent.


I get off the bus and walk over to my mother grave. 

"Hi mom." I said, looking down her grave.

I clean somethings from her grave that grew from the other.

"I've made a new friend. I'm sure you would be happy if you ever saw her. Her name Perrie she from Little Mix, the band I mean." I said while sitting down. 

"She been helping me through a lot." I said looking down in my lap. "She also said that one day she wants to come and visit you" The wind blows. 

  Sometimes I feel she actually their through spirit telling me how wonderful that is. I sit there a couple more minutes and tell her I have to go. I walk home silently. I got home and clean everything. I made a small snack and finish it. I went up stairs. I go on my laptop and Perrie dm me. 



How was today? 

Interesting. I may have stood up for myself. But that might have been a bad thing.

Well it good you stood up for yourself. You show them your not weak. And if they come after I got your back. I fly over where you live and swing at them.

Perrie you wouldn't hurt someone your too nice.

Well I can be mean when they hurt someone I care about.

  Soon after we started to talk about other things. Around 7:30 I saw the headlight through my window. My father home. I hear him close his door, then key jiggle while he was struggling to open the door.

"What the hell is this!" I heard him yelled. I quickly hide my laptop. I heard footstep up the stairs. He open the door and grabbed  my wrist , yanked my up and dragged me downstairs.

He hold on to  my wrist really tight. I'm going to have a bruise there. 

"What this?" He said looking at me with his cold eyes.

I looked and saw two plates in the sink and one plate drying rack. 

"Plates," I said in a whisper.

"Are you trying to make me look like a pig. You know what forget it you good for nothing brat. Clean that shot up." He said, letting go of my wrist, shoving me to the sink. 

     My stomach hit the counter. Hard. I fell on the floor. I looked up and saw him smile. As if he proud to see me in pain. Why would he be proud of that. I'm his daughter he should feel anger and upset to see his daughter in pain. 

      He turn his back to me and walked away. I heard a door open then slammed it shut. I carefully got up and started to clean. I put the dry plate away and cleaned the other plates. I looked down on my wrist to saw some bruises on it.  I dry the two plates and put them away. I looked around my house to see if something was out of place. I fixed a few things and went upstairs to my room. 

I closed my door and lock it.I slide down the door. I cried. I tried to curl up in a ball but my stomach started to hurt a bit. I decided to lay on the floor and looked at my ceiling.  

"Mom, I miss you. Why did you have to go." 


 I woke up and look at my alarm clock 10:00 am. Shoot. I was about to get ready when I remember today Saturday. I have an hour to relax and hour to get ready before I go to work. Well it's mostly a part time job at this small bakery. I just clean,  do the cash register ,but sometimes I help make some of the food. 

I made myself a cereal with some and sat in the living room. I put the tv on and made sure the volume wasn't too long just in case my dad was home. Most of the time my father isn't home until Sunday usually recover from his drunkenness. I finished my cereal and I washed my bowl and spoon and it put it away. I looked at the clock it was 10:30 when I finished. I went upstairs took a quick shower. I got out and put under garments on. I put on some black skinny jean and a black tank top. I found my black and blue flannel and put that on also and put my black converse on. I blow dry my long blond curls. I add some mascara. I have put concealer and foundation on my wrist to cover the bruising. I took a while but I did it. 

It was 11:45 grabbed my bag and a small coat because it was spring in Illinois. I walked past the houses and finally made to downtown. I made way to the small building just on time 12:00. 

"Hello Kaylie, how your doing dear?" Mrs. Mendez asked.

"I'm fine" I said smiling. Lies I thought. I'm not fine,  I'm falling apart and there is no why of stopping it.

"You can start to sweep around, dear" She said.

I nodded. I went and put my apron on then grabbed the broom. I sweep for a while. A small family came in. I put the broom back down and went behind the counter.

"Hello, what can we get you?" I asked a small smile appeared on my face.

"Mommy I want a cupcake" the small girl said.

"Hold on sweetheart. " The mother said. "Hello, um we made a small appoint with the owner earlier. Do you know if she here?" she asked.

"Yes, she here. Let me get her, you are can sit at a table if you like." I walked into the back. 

"Mrs. Mendez.?" I said.

"I'm here darling,  can you help me put these in the oven?" she said holding two trays. I walked over and help her." Thank you dear, now why were you calling for me?" 

"There a lady here, saying she made an appointment with you." I said. 

"Ah yes, I remember now" She said. Washing her after we put the cupcakes in the oven. 

We both walked out and Mrs. Mendez greeted them. I stay behind the counter.

I hear a mumbles coming from them. 

"Kaylie?" Mrs. Mendez called. 

"Yes?" I said. looking up from the book I was reading.

"Why don't you let this little on decorate a cupcake while me and her parents talk." she said.

"Would you like that?" she said looking at the little girl. The little girl nodded.

"Come on," I said.

She walked over to me. 

"So what your name?" I asked.

"Belle. "she said.

 "That beautiful" I said.

"Thank you" she said. 

"Well what type of cupcake you want?" I said.

"Chocolate" she said smiling.

"What color frosting?" 

"Blue!" she said.

I carefully put on the frosting on the cupcake. 

"Now you can add sprinkles or candy on it. Do you want to that?" I asked

She nodded. She put almost every type of sprinkles on and add and Hershey kiss on the top. 

"It pretty" I said.

"Thank you, I'm showing mommy and daddy."She said. She grabbed it carefully and walked over to them slowly.

"Mommy , daddy! Look what I made!" She said showing them.

"That wonderful dear" she said.

"That is the best cupcake, I ever seen." Mrs. Mendez said.

"Maybe I could be a baker like you!" she said 

"Yes, one day" her father spoke sadness appeared in his eyes.

"Yeah, Thank you for the time and here let me pay for th-" The mother was cut off by Mrs. Mendez.

"No its on the house. " she said.

"Thank you, see you next week"  she said leaving.


"Well how about you help me decorated that little girl cake and help me decorate that little girl cake and help me deliver to her?" She asked.

I smiled. "I would love to do that" 

She showed me the designed of the cake her parents wanted. I added some small details that Mrs. Mendez agree on. She showed me how to used the tools before we baked. 

Throughout the week we work on the layers cake. I hope she enjoys the cake. 




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